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Catalog management

Illustration of two people adding formulas to an Excel sheet
Catalog Management

The 20 Best Excel Formulas for Managing Product Inventory

Discover our list of the best Excel formulas to save product managers time.

Illustration of an online product catalog
Catalog Management

How to Create the Best Online Product Catalog

Guidance on how to utilize PIM to create the best online product catalogs for B2C and B2B commerce, driving sales and an enhanced customer experience

Illustration of a bottle with a SKU tag
Catalog Management

Guide to SKU Catalog Management (2022)

Discover the importance of SKUs and implementing the correct product management solutions to enhance the quality of your catalogs across all channels

Illustration of some shelves where everything is blue except for a highlighted catalog
Catalog Management

Types of Catalog Management (2022 Guide)

Find out what the different types of catalog management are, what to consider before opting for once and how PIM software can provide a valuable solution

Frans Bonhomme logo
Catalog Management

How to Manage Orders from Large Buyers with a PIM: Frans Bonhomme

Our case study with Frans Bonhomme details how PIM enabled them to manage 50,000 products and more than 100,000 customers in real-time, with zero delays

Illustration of a shoes catalog on a mobile app
Catalog Management

How to Sell Shoe Catalogs Online

Read our guide on how to create an online shoe catalog designed to increase visiblity and engagement, improve customer experience and drive more sales

Illustration of a person propulsed by a rocket on their back
Catalog Management

How to Create Faster Catalogs and Reduce Product Launch Times

Discover how to reduce the time and resource load on your product team with a PIM system such as Sales Layer. Save time and money on your product management

Titanlux logo on a pink background
Catalog Management

Digitizing Titanlux Catalogs with Sales Layer

Read our case study with Titanlux and learn how with PIM they were able to reduce their repetitive management time and improve internal communication

emuca furniture catalog case study
Catalog Management

Furniture Product Catalogs Updated 10x Faster: the Story of Emuca

Our case study of Emuca and how through PIM software they were able to update their furniture product catalogs ten times as fast with enriched product data

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