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Catalog management

Illustration of a shoes catalog on a mobile app
Catalog Management

7 Keys to Create an Online Shoe Catalogue

How to manage it everything an online shoes catalog must include.

A cargo ship transporting big books
Catalog Management

Catalogue Formats for Exporting Internationally

Get to know what catalog standards are most widely used in other Europe countries.

A person drawing a product code bar
Catalog Management

Is it Important to Code Products in an Online Shop?

What is product coding and what types can you use in your online catalog.

Illustration of a cart next to a construction site
Catalog Management

Guide for Perfect Building Materials Product Data

How to create a quality product experience for the digital age in the building materials sector.

Illustration of two people adding formulas to an Excel
Catalog Management

The 20 best Excel formulas for managing your product inventory

Speed up your management with these Excel functions plus a downloadable template for your inventory.

Illustration of a screen showing InDesign interface
Catalog Management

How to Create in InDesign a Digital Product Catalog

Create online and printed catalogs faster with this tools for InDesign.

Illustration of a person with some software interfaces
Catalog Management

Differences between PLM and PDM software: which should I choose?

PLM and PDM: differences in choosing the right software.

Illustration of a smiling folder
Catalog Management

Types of Data Management tools

Discover the best Data Management system tools on the market.

What is distributed database
Catalog Management

Tips for Catalog Management using distributed databases

How a distributed database management system can be effectively implemented.

What is database normalization
Catalog Management

Why is database normalization so important?

How to achieve the best database normalization

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