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Chris Gollop

Chris Gollop

Illustration of a person with some software interfaces
Catalog Management

What are the Differences between PLM and PDM software?

Discover the main differences between product lifecycle management and product data management tools and how both can be utilized for ecommerce growth

TikTok logo with some emojis
Ecommerce Marketing

Selling on TikTok: Strategies to Promote your Products

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to implement more effective strategies for selling products on TikTok

Illustration of a person next to a graph with a rising arrow
Ecommerce Marketing

Growth Hacking for ecommerce

Read our list of some quick and easy practices to implement within your ecommerce marketing strategy to drive more traffic and sales

Illustration of a megaphone shouting with a tonge out
Ecommerce Marketing

The Latest Releases in Online Sales to Refresh Your Strategy

We discuss the latest trends in online sales and how you can adapt your strategy to take advantage of new opportunities and avoid falling behind the market

Illustration of a camera recording a teapot
Ecommerce Marketing

Live Streaming ecommerce: The New Way to Sell Online

Insight into the new practice of live streaming ecommerce, its signficance within the industry and guidance on how to utilize this method

Illustration of a person in an inflatable pool next to a sofa and an electric fan
Ecommerce Marketing

The “New Normal” and ecommerce: the most popular products of the summer

Trending products in online shopping during the Covid lockdown summer.

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Ecommerce Marketing

Benefit from Bargain Hunt Sites for your Online Sales Strategy

Discover the opportunities that bargain hunt websites can provide for a multi-channel marketing startegy and how PIM can ensure a seamless utilization of them

Illustration of a backpack and some school supplies
Ecommerce Marketing

How to Prepare the Back-to-School Season in ecommerce

Guide to preparing for the booming demand in back-to-school supplies and capitalizing on the trends within the ecommerce industry for more sales

Illustration of a bucket, a spray and a sponge

The Challenges of Digital Transformation in the Cleaning Products Industry

We look at the problems facing the cleaning products industry and how to overcome the challenge of digital transformation through product information management

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