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Elliot Haubenschmid

Elliot Haubenschmid

Illustration of a bike with some product attributes labels
Catalog Management Product Experience

Guide to Managing Product Attributes

Discover our guide to product attributes and how managing them with PIM can be the key to visibility on the digital shelf.


Discussing The PIM Revolution with BuildingMaterials.co.uk

At Smart Factory Expo 2022, we were joined by the team behind BuildingMaterials.co.uk to discuss how using a PIM has transformed their business

Ecommerce Marketing B2B

How to Measure Product Pages With Incremental Lift

Discover how to improve the performance of your product pages with incremental lift testing and use of our Sales Layer PIM platform for B2B and B2C brands

PIM Catalog Management B2B

Optimize Your Logistics Information Management with PIM

Discover how to increase the logistical efficiency of your supply chain and get your products to market quicker with Sales Layer's PIM platform for B2B

Catalog Management

Guide to GTIN Management

Discover the importance of GTIN management and centralizing your product data for greater efficiency and visibility across your supply chain and selling channels

News B2B Product Experience

IDC Summit 2022: Enhancing Customer Advocacy through Product Enrichment

Learn how to enhance the quality of your product data to boost customer experience. Watch the full presentation at IDC European Retail Summit from Andre Pons

Catalog Management B2B

Localize Product Data for International Buyers

Overseas expansion is fundamental for B2B growth, but without localizing your product data for buyers, you could struggle to stand out on the Digital Shelf

Reduce ecommerce carbon emissions
Ecommerce Marketing B2B Product Experience

Happier Customers + Fewer Returns = Reduced Carbon Output

Whether your business is a manufacturer or retailer, implementing a PIM (product information management) system can help you reduce your carbon emissions

PIM B2B Omnichannel

How Printed Catalogs with PIM Can Boost Business for Manufacturers

Discover how PIM can assist in creating printed product catalogs that drive sales, reduce your carbon footprint and improve transparency across the supply chain

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