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Catalog management

Top Content Management Systems
Catalog Management

Top 5 CMS for Your Catalogs

We've compiled a list of the top content management systems (CMS) and how they assist you in product catalog creation, alongside the integration of a PIM

How to be a good marketing manager
Catalog Management

7 things that define a good marketing manager

Everything you need to know to become the best marketing manager!

Excel catalog manager
Catalog Management

5 Reasons Excel is a Bad Choice for Managing Product Catalogs

Find out how Excel spreadsheets can hamper business for manufacturers, retailers and suppliers and how a PIM system can provide a superior alternative

Paper vs digital catalog
Catalog Management

Paper vs Digital: Which is Better in ecommerce?

Learn the benefits of each format for your product catalogs and hear how PIM can play a part in helping you optimize both your printed and digital data

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