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Sales Layer PIM integration with PrestaShop

How to Manage Your PrestaShop Catalog by Integrating PIM

Read our guide on how to seamlessly integrate Sales Layer PIM with your PrestaShop website to...

Illustration of the word PIM connecting to Magento's logo

How to Integrate a PIM system with Magento

Discover how to integrate your PIM system with Magento and how to upload, optimize and automate...

Illustration of a product page connecting to Shopify

How to Integrate a PIM System with Shopify

Our guide on how to integrate your product information management system with your Shopify online...

Who is who gameboard with some people faces

What is PunchOut Technology and How It Helps Managing Suppliers

Find out what PunchOut technology means, how it can be used within B2B ecommerce and the advantages...

Two interlocking red and green arrows

Why You Should Sync your CMS to a PIM Software

Find out why syncing your content management system to your product information management tool is...

A DAM system and a CMS hand in hand

Why Integrate your CMS with a DAM

We detail the benefits of integrating your Content Management System with a Data Asset Management...

Shopify logo with interrogation marks

Shopify Payments and How to Set it up for Your Store

Find out what Shopify Payments is with our guide on how to set the payment gateway up for your...

WhatsApp Business step by step guide

WhatsApp Business: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow our step-by-step guide to utilizing WhatsApp as a business tool within ecommerce and the...

PayPal logo with other ecommerce symbols

How to Add PayPal’s Payment Gateway to your ecommerce Site

Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to add PayPal as a payment gateway option for your...

Illustration of a laptop with a credit card

What is Amazon Pay and How Can it be Implemented for ecommerce?

The ultimate guide to Amazon Pay and how you can implement this payment gateway to improve the...

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