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Catalog management

Illustration of a bike with some product attributes labels
Catalog Management

Guide to Managing Product Attributes

Discover our guide to product attributes and how managing them with PIM can be the key to visibility on the digital shelf.

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Catalog Management

How to Create Automated Catalogs on any Platform or Marketplace

Discover our 6 tips on how to create and automate your product catalogs on any of your B2B and B2C selling platforms

Illustration of a person with some software interfaces
Catalog Management

What are the Differences between PLM and PDM software?

Discover the main differences between product lifecycle management and product data management tools and how both can be utilized for ecommerce growth

Catalog Management

Guide to GTIN Management

Discover the importance of GTIN management and centralizing your product data for greater efficiency and visibility across your supply chain and selling channels

Catalog Management

Why You Shouldn’t Use Excel to Make your Product Catalogs

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider switching from using Excel spreadsheets to a PIM system that centralizes all your product data

Illustration of a smiling folder
Catalog Management

Types of Data Management Tools

Learn the differences between the various types of data management tools and how each can be utilized. Find out which data management tool is best for your business

What is database normalization
Catalog Management

Why is Database Normalization so Important?

Discover just how significant database normalization is, the different types, its objectives, the advantages and whether your business should normalize theirs

Catalog formats for ecommerce in different countries
Catalog Management

Catalog Formats for Exporting Internationally

Ensure your team are exporting catalogs in the correct format for international countries and their audiences. With examples of German, French and Spanish formats

Illustration of a big claudron with file icons
Catalog Management

How to Create + Optimize a Product Database for your Store

The ultimate guide to creating and maintaining the perfect product database through PIM and forming a centralized hub for all of your data

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