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Catalog Management

Why you shouldn’t use Excel to make your product catalogs

Discover a more efficient way than Excel datasheets to create product catalogs.

Ecommerce Marketing

The new consumer cycle: from coolhunting to direct interaction

Companies must keep pace with trends that change faster than ever.

Ecommerce Marketing

The rise and fall of Google Plus: Choosing the right social network to sell your products

What are the best social networks to gain new customers?

Ecommerce Marketing

Why storytelling is the best way to sell your next product

Get a consistent brand image and product story: the case of Lucy & Yak.

e-commerce development
Ecommerce Marketing

5 challenges in e-commerce development

Find out the key points to take care when developing an e-commerce

Sales and Marketing Tips

How to create an e-commerce strategy to survive Amazon

Is it possible to build a strong e-commerce strategy and avoid Amazon? Yes!

Master Data Management best practices
Product Management Tools

The 10 best Master Data Management practices

Find out in our post the best Master Data Management practices