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Miguel Giner

Miguel Giner

How to implement a PIM system
PIM Integrations

Guide to a Successful PIM Implementation

Our helpful guide on how to prepare your product data for implementation of a product information management tool

Butler removing the lid from a tray
Ecommerce Marketing

The Role of Product Information in ecommerce After-Sales Service

Read our guide on the importance of after-sales service in ecommerce and the strategies your business can put in place to provide a superior customer experience

A person dumping files on a computer

How to Prepare Product Information for Importing into a PIM

Before importing your product information to our PIM, read our guide on how to prepare and format your data for the smoothest and most seamless converting

Illustration of a referee showing a green card
Ecommerce Marketing

What is Lead Scoring and How It Can Help You Boost Sales

Apply lead scoring to your existing and new customers, and discover the advantages of this technique in optimizing your conversion rate

Two databases face to face

PIM vs MDM: What Are the Differences?

Learn the distinctions between product information management and master data management systems as well as how both can be utilized within your business

Scale weighing some ecommerce icons
Ecommerce Marketing

Legal Aspects to Consider for Online Shops

Read our list of the legal requirements to get in place for your ecommerce website before you start selling products online.

A thief fishing a bank card from a laptop
Ecommerce Marketing

How to Avoid Phishing in Your Business

Guidance on how to avoid phishing, the signs and types to watch out for, and how to protect your website and your customers

Illustration of a person besides an online store in a laptop
Ecommerce Marketing

How to Use Surveys on Your Online Store

We outline the benefits that surveys can provide for ecommerce businesses and how to utilize surveys on your online store to capitalize on them

Illustration of a package in front of a door
Ecommerce Marketing

How to Create the Best Returns Policy for your Online Store

Find out how to implement a returns policy that aims to drive a subsequent purchase and doesn't damage your revenue as a result

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