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Luis Ruiz

Luis Ruiz

Illustration of two hammers looking at each other in surprise
Ecommerce marketing

How to Handle Duplicate Product Content: The Dangers of Faceted Navigation

Use a faceted navigation in your ecommerce without duplicates and SEO problems.

PayPal logo with other ecommerce symbols

How to Add PayPal’s Payment Gateway to your Ecommerce Site

All the benefits of PayPal for ecommerce and how to easily add it to your shop.

Illustration of two people adding formulas to an Excel
Catalog Management

The 20 best Excel formulas for managing your product inventory

Speed up your management with these Excel functions plus a downloadable template for your inventory.

Illustration of a laptop with a credit card

Amazon Pay: What is it and how do you implement it for ecommerce?

Discover how to use and implement Amazon Pay in your online store: fees, advantages...

Illustration of a person inflating a ballon with eBay logo on it

How to Increase My Sales on eBay: Tips and Advice to Drive Conversion

Start selling your products on eBay marketplace with these tips.

Illustration of a person holding a bank card against a tablet
Ecommerce marketing

Free and paid POS systems for online shops: which is better?

All the options in online point of sale software for ecommerce.

Illustration of a DIY tool panel

Plugins to create a product catalog with WordPress

How to use WordPress for ecommerce with the best tools and plugins.

Illustration of two electric mixers and a washing machine
B2B Digital Shelf

The challenges of digital transformation in the electronics sector

The new digital reality for home appliances manufacturers and retailers.

Illustration of a TV screen with a euro symbol

How to create a Shopify store and optimize your catalog

Step-by-step-guide to launch a Shopify website and online store.

What is distribution policy
B2B Digital Shelf

What is a distribution policy?  How to build one for your business

Product distribution strategy: examples for business and retail.

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