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Luis Ruiz

Luis Ruiz

Illustration of a DIY tool panel
Ecommerce Marketing Integrations

The Best WordPress Plugins to Create a Product Catalog

Discover how to set up a product catalog on WordPress, and how PIM can automate this process and save your team time and effort.

PayPal logo with other ecommerce symbols
Ecommerce Marketing Integrations

How to Add PayPal’s Payment Gateway to Your Website

Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to add PayPal as a payment gateway option for your customers on your ecommerce site

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Ecommerce Marketing

How to Handle Duplicate Product Content

Duplicate content can be damaging for ecommerce businesses. Discover how to identify any cases of duplication and the steps to take to fix the issue with our guide

Illustration of a laptop with a credit card

What is Amazon Pay and How Can it be Implemented for ecommerce?

The ultimate guide to Amazon Pay and how you can implement this payment gateway to improve the customer experience with your ecommerce site

Illustration of a person inflating a ballon with eBay logo on it

How to Drive Conversions and Increase Sales on eBay

Guide to increasing your revenue from your eBay product catalogs through centralizing, optimizing and automating product data via a PIM system

Illustration of a person holding a bank card against a tablet
Ecommerce Marketing

Free and Paid POS Systems for Online Shops: Which is Better?

We evaluate whether businesses should opt for a free or paid point of sale system, with guidance on how to create an online shop with a POS

Illustration of two electric mixers and a washing machine

The Challenges of Digital Transformation in the Electronics Sector

We look at the problems facing the electronics industry and how to overcome the challenge of digital transformation through product information management

Illustration of a TV screen with a euro symbol

How to Create a Shopify Store and Optimize your Catalog

The complete guide to creating a successful Shopify store with fully-optimized product data to inform customer purchasing and drive revenue

What is distribution policy

What is a Distribution Policy? How to Build One for your Business

Guide to building the best distribution policy for your business and how to implement is for success across your operations and for your customers

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