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It's a typical life lesson: sometimes the most popular in the class are not the most effective.

Among the e-commerce platforms you can choose to create an online store, you have probably come across other names more often such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or PrestaShop than BigCommerce. And yet, getting to know it will allow you to discover one of the most advanced e-commerce platforms in the class.

Founded in 2009, BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that has earned the title of the most scalable e-commerce software... and rightfully so.

Ventajas de BigCommerce
Template store on BigCommerce

What is BigCommerce?

Companies with the goal of growing and expanding their digital strategy will be able to make the most of all the features of BigCommerce. The platform adapts to any business, from $29.95 monthly to customized Enterprise-level plans (Pricing).

Prestigious brands like Kodak, Toyota, and Ben & Jerry’s use BigCommerce for their websites and online store. Based on data from 6sense, BigCommerce boasts a customer base of 36,151, with a significant 27,259 customers located in the United States.

If you are looking for an e-commerce software that allows you to launch a fully equipped online store and integrate it into your omnichannel strategy, without the need for extensive coding knowledge, pay attention to all the advantages of BigCommerce.

Ventajas de BigCommerce como plataforma de ecommerce
Ejemplo de plantilla para BigCommerce. Autor: Cory Gibbons para Pixel Union

Why choose BigCommerce to create your online store

Combine editing your product catalog and your website

One of the drawbacks of e-commerce platforms is usually the interface. Some allow you to edit all functions from a single place and in others, you have, on one hand, the inventory and product editing panels, and on the other, the website design part.

To tackle this challenge, BigCommerce offers Store Design, enabling a integration of product catalog editing and website design. This feature allows you to preview editing changes before they go live, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.

Easy setup

Find over 100 templates to choose from to create your online store. It seems like less variety than in other e-commerce software, and its cost is high (up to over €200 per theme), but all of them are optimized for mobile devices and guide you to choose the most suitable one for your business profile and product catalog.

Cómo diseñar tu tienda online en BigCommerce
Homepage and pop-up for Jenier World of Teas, an online store built using BigCommerce.

More features than any other platform

While other e-commerce platforms bring limited features and force you to invest in many paid extensions, BigCommerce has one of the most comprehensive feature sets in the market for online commerce businesses.

  • SSL security certificate
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Over 250 payment currencies
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Option to offer coupons, discounts, and gift cards
  • Option to add user ratings and reviews
  • Sending emails to customers who abandon the shopping cart
  • SEO tools
  • Analytics reports
  • Multilanguage management
  • Special features for B2B businesses

This allows you to do without additional plugins and reduce the extra costs of managing your e-commerce platform. Still, you have at your disposal over 600 apps linked to BigCommerce to choose from for extra services. 

Multichannel integration

BigCommerce facilitates a real integration of all your online and offline sales channels, and it is the only platform in the market that allows it without the need to use an app.

Add all the digital channels you want to your multichannel strategy:

    • Google Shopping
    • Amazon
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • eBay


Cómo crear un ecommerce en BigCommerce
Página de producto de The Sink Warehouse, tienda online creada con BigCommerce


Total technical support

While other e-commerce software leave all responsibility on the shoulders of their user community, in BigCommerce you will never have to track down videos and forums with tutorials to solve a technical problem.

The platform offers its customers technical support and assistance 24/7, by phone, email, and chat.

Additionally, if you try their free 15-day demo, they include a 10-minute meeting to analyze the needs of your business in a personalized way.

Pros y contras de BigCommerce como plataforma
Catálogo de productos de Ben & Jerry’s, página web creada con BigCommerce

More than e-commerce: additional services

As if it weren't already a fairly complete e-commerce platform, BigCommerce expands its range of services and helps its customers develop many other business fronts:

  • Solutions architecture
  • Catalog transfer services
  • Implementation project management
  • Account technical management
  • Company account management
  • Training services
  • Product information management: through our PIM for BigCommerce, store owners can centralize, consolidate, and syndicate their product information and marketing assets to the e-commerce platform and other channels.


We're not going to hide the disadvantages, and that is that BigCommerce can be a somewhat complex system for companies or teams that are not accustomed to the technical terminology used by the platform.

It also does not have a linked mobile app to manage your online store from any mobile device.

However, these are minor drawbacks that you can weigh if you want to launch your online store with one of the best integrations in the market and the support of the most efficient PIM.

Start by trying a free 30-day demo on Sales Layer to experience for yourself access to the most scalable e-commerce formula.

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