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Before knowing about and using Sales Layer, ACCIONA wasted valuable time on unproductive work, uploading and keeping incomplete, outdated, and inconsistent information from its entire supplier network. When suppliers provide wrong product information, many purchase orders have problems and incidents that must be addressed by the sales department - making that department, in turn, waste valuable time taking care of specific cases.

How could ACCIONA save time for all those involved - from the team itself to suppliers and end customers?

By gathering all the content on a key, intermediate, centralized platform: the Sales Layer PIM.

Thus, the ACCIONA Connect project was born.


Case study Acciona


The challenge of connecting lots of suppliers


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Creating a system to connect all suppliers requires the generation of PunchOuts to digitize product catalogs and link them quickly.

The problem: most suppliers do not have a PIM system; thus, centralizing and digitizing their catalogs and generating their own PunchOuts is a technically complex and quite expensive process.

The solution: create a product data upload gateway for all suppliers, even if they don't have their own PIM, where content can be reviewed, standardized, and approved - all with minimal cost when compared to PunchOuts.

“The systems we used before were very slow and unfriendly. Thanks to Sales Layer, we realized that a product catalog could be made in seconds – that was the technology that any supplier would be looking for: something simple to use that provides more engaging catalog results.”

Alejandro Chocrón, (e)Procurement Planning and Processes Manager at ACCIONA

ACCIONA Connect: a successful project with accessible technology

Sales Layer has become a key ally for ACCIONA , adapting to the needs of the project and developing new features as they become required by the circumstances.

How does the technology behind ACCIONA Connect work? It is a simple and effective process that can be applied to any business vertical and company with the need to join together a broad network of suppliers and customers.


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The way it works couldn't be simpler:

Sales Layer’s PIM technology generates and connects PunchOuts for each supplier in minutes, doing so at a starting cost that is 6 times lower than other systems available on the market.

Thanks to the work through the ACCIONA Connect platform powered by a PIM system, information management is easier, negotiations are accelerated, and the supplier gains in terms of time and costs.

"The generation of electronic catalogs through Sales Layer makes the process 9 times faster than in a traditional purchase.”

Alejandro Chocrón, (e)Procurement Planning and Processes Manager at ACCIONA

Do you want to know more about the ACCIONA and Sales Layer success story?

Take a tour to the offices of ACCIONA in the next video. Or, if you rather read than watch a screen, download the full ACCIONA project story here, with graphs and tables that illustrate key pieces of data.



You can also request a free trial or a personalized session with one of our specialists now if you are interested in undertaking a project of ACCIONA’s size at your company with the speed and minimum costs that only Sales Layer’s PIM solution can offer.


Acciona case study

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