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Stephania Gave

Stephania Gave

Illustration of an Instagram notification with a person talking in it
Ecommerce marketing

How to advertise your business with Instagram Ads

How advertising campaigns on Instagram Ads for products work.

Illustration of a circle of people with the word PIM inside

How a PIM system improves teamwork and collaboration

The workflow functions of a PIM system that improve team collaboration.

Clothes on an invisible persone skating
Ecommerce marketing

Real Time Fashion: an express way to sell fashion

What is real time fashion and how to use strategies to sell more online.

Illustration of a person looking at an online sunglasses product card

Sales 2022: Prepare your Product Pages on Amazon in a Few Steps

Everything you need to include in your product pages to make your Amazon offers stand out.

Illustration of person with very long arms and legs
Ecommerce marketing

What is thin content and how it hurts your eCommerce

What is thin content and how to detect and avoid it in your ecommerce site.

Superhero Flash running with a shopping bag
Ecommerce marketing

What are Flash Sales in eCommerce?

How to use flash sales in your online store to get more customers and revenue.

Illustration of a blue door opening with some sparks
Ecommerce marketing

What is an Open Source Product Content Management (PCM) System?

The types and benefits of Product Content Management (PCM) software

A DAM system and a CMS hand in hand

Why integrate your CMS with a DAM

How to integrate a CMS platform with a DAM system to organise your web resources.

Illustration of three rating badges

Sales Layer Named PIM Leader in G2 Summer 2021 Reports

Sales Layer stands out at easiest implementation and usability among PIM users in G2.

WhatsApp Business step by step guide

WhatsApp Business: a STEP by STEP Guide

Discover how to use WhatsApp Business in an ecommerce step by step.

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