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Stephania Gave

Stephania Gave

Baby products shopping experience
Product Experience

How to Deliver the Perfect Shopping Experience for Baby Products

Advice on how to optimize your ecommerce site and product information management to provide a superior shopping experience for your customers

Woman with several jewelry pieces
Ecommerce marketing

Guide to Attracting More Customers in Jewellery ecommerce

Discover how to increase your website visibility and engagement with our step-by-step guide for jewelry ecommerce businesses

Illustration of a diamond ring in its box
Ecommerce marketing

Guide to Attracting More Customers in Jewellery eCommerce

How to boost your jewellery online sales and engage clients with better catalogs.

Illustration of an online fashion product page
Omnichannel strategy

7 Tips to Improve the Omnichannel Experience in the Fashion Industry

See our list of the 7 best practice strategies to implement within your fashion ecommerce business to improve the omnichannel experience of your customers

Illustration of a cosmetics product page
Ecommerce marketing

The Cosmetic Product Page to Make Your Sales Skyrocket

Read our complete guide on how to optimize your cosmetic product page to improve visibility, increase customer engagement and drive more sales

Illustration of a person working at a lab
Omnichannel strategy

6 Easy KPIs to Measure the Quality of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Learn the 6 KPIs you should be using to measure the success of your omnichannel strategy and how to drive better results with PIM

Illustration of some sport items

The Best Online Marketplaces for Selling Sportswear

Find the best sporting goods marketplaces for manufacturers and retailers.

Illustration of two smiling hearts exchanging gifts
Ecommerce marketing

7 Tips for Selling your Products on Valentine’s Day

Read our guide on how to increase your ecommerce sales this Valentine's Day, with 7 useful tips to implement on your website and in your operations

Three persons practicing yoga, surf and boxing
Ecommerce marketing

Tips for the Best Sales Seasons for Sports Goods

How to align your marketing strategy with the seasonal nature of the sporting goods industry and how to enhance your product data to boost sales

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