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Vero Gascó

Vero Gascó

New corporate identity for Sales Layer PIM
PIM News

Discover the New Brand of Sales Layer

Introducing the new brand image of Sales Layer as we celebrate 10 years as the global leader in product information management.

Pensive painter in front of a dummy with paint stained clothes
Ecommerce Marketing

Can Colors Influence Your ecommerce Sales?

Find out how colors impact an online store and the role that color psychology plays in web design and for ecommerce customers

A person sitting on servers with a laptop on their knees
Ecommerce Marketing

How to Choose the Best Hosting for Your ecommerce Site

Everything you should consider when selecting a website host for your ecommerce site and how to connect your channel to your PIM system

Illustration of a hand clicking on a photo camera
Ecommerce Marketing

Improve the Sales Experience with 360º Product Photos

Find out how 360º product photos can boost the visual appeal of your product listings, driving sales and an improved customer experience

Illustration of a person cutting a film roll
Ecommerce Marketing

The Best Free Video Editors to Promote Your Products

See our list of the best free resources for video editing and how they can help your business to promote products across your ecommerce channels

Illustration of a screen showing InDesign interface
Catalog Management

How to Create a Digital Product Catalog in inDesign

Step-by-step guide on how to create a digital product catalog in inDesign, the necessary elements and how a PIM can assist you and your catalogs

Illustration of an astronaut with a flag walking on a planet
Ecommerce Marketing

How to Design the Perfect Landing Page for ecommerce

Read our ultimate guide on creating the perfect landing page for your ecommerce website designed to attract more customers, boost engagement and increase sales

Several frames with illustrations
Ecommerce Marketing

The Best Resources for Free Stock Images

See our list of the best free libraries of stock images available to use for your ecommerce business.

Illustration of an opne book with an alert sign
Ecommerce Marketing

How to Avoid Common Mistakes on your Online Checkout Page

Our top tips on the commonplace checkout page mistakes in ecommerce and how to avoid them and maintain a smooth and seamless customer journey

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