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Madalena Castro

Madalena Castro

Illustration of a hamster running on a computer screen
Ecommerce marketing

The Importance of WPO in Your E-commerce Site

What Web Performance Optimization is and how it affects your ecommerce website.

Illustration of a long paper scroll
Ecommerce marketing

What is Largest Contentful Paint and How to Optimize It on Your Website

Practices for improving the loading speed of your ecommerce website in Google.

Illustration of a robot making toast on an electric toaster
Catalog Management

Tips for creating automated catalogs on any platform

The advantages of automating the creation and management of your product catalogs.

Illustration of a car between a big building and a house
Ecommerce marketing

Differences between your website's hosting and domain

What is the difference between hosting and web domain and how to choose them correctly.

Packages falling from the sky in parachutes
Omnichannel strategy

What is dropshipping and how does it work?

What is dropshipping in ecommerce and all its advantages.

Person shooping via contacless with their smartphone
Ecommerce marketing

The Best Payment Systems for eCommerce

The alternative payment methods you can use in your online shop or website.

A hand holding several icons
Product Experience

What is a Product Management software?

Learn the benefits of a PCM and how to implement it.

Bag with several cosmetics products
Ecommerce marketing

Checklist for the Cosmetics Industry and Retail

How to improve the consumer experience of beauty care products with a digital strategy.

Two interlocking red and green arrows

Why you should sync your CMS to a PIM software

Why connecting a CMS with a PIM brings many advantages to your catalog management.

Illustration of a person in a desk overwhelmed by lots of documents

How a PIM can help you with your digital sales strategy

Increase your sales with a PIM to centralize and enrich your product content.

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