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Madalena Castro

Madalena Castro

Catalog formats for ecommerce in different countries
Catalog Management B2B

Catalog Formats for Exporting Internationally

Ensure your team are exporting catalogs in the correct format for international countries and their audiences. With examples of German, French and Spanish formats

Illustration of a shocked person looking at a different reflection in the mirror
Catalog Management DAM

DAM vs CMS: What Are the Differences?

Identify the differences between a data asset management tool and content management system, as well as how to utilize them, with our helpful guide

Illustration of a musical score with math formulas

How Can You Use Digital Shelf Analytics?

Our guide to using analytics to review your performance on the digital shelf and enhance the attractiveness of your product catalogs

Illustration of a hamster running on a computer screen
Ecommerce Marketing

The Importance of WPO for ecommerce Websites

Find out just how significant Web Performance Optimization is for ecommerce websites and how to analyse your site, identify issues and apply new strategies

Illustration of a long paper scroll
Ecommerce Marketing

What is Largest Contentful Paint and How to Optimize It on Your Website

Read our guide to Large Contentful Paint (LCP), how to analyze yours and the best practices for optimizing this critical asset

Illustration of a car between a big building and a house
Ecommerce Marketing

What are the Difference Between your Website's Hosting and Domain?

We detail the differences between a website's hosting and domain, as well as the functions of each and how to choose both for your ecommerce site

Packages falling from the sky in parachutes

What is Dropshipping and What are the Alternatives?

Learn the benefits and drawbacks of dropshipping, as well as the alternatives available for your commerce business

Person shooping via contacless with their smartphone
Ecommerce Marketing

The Best Payment Systems for ecommerce

Browse our selection of the best payment systems for ecommerce businesses to accept across their marketplaces

A hand holding several icons
Product Experience

What is a Product Management software?

Learn the benefits of a PCM and how to implement it.

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