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Madalena Castro

Madalena Castro

Bag with several cosmetics products

Checklist for the Cosmetics Industry and Retail

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to improve the shopping experience of your customers through enriched product information across all channels

Two interlocking red and green arrows

Why You Should Sync your CMS to a PIM Software

Find out why syncing your content management system to your product information management tool is essential in optimizing processes for your product and marketing teams

Illustration of a slot machine with jackpot

How to Benefit from Omnichannel Strategies for Your ecommerce

We explain the importance of an omnichannel strategy and the steps you can take to ensure your ecommerce business is successful across all channels

Green world map with flags

How to Do International Market Segmentation in a Marketplace

Discover how to improve customer experience, engagement and conversion rate by implementing an international market segmentation across your marketplaces

Illustration of person with a butterfly catcher on a red background

How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Business

The complete guide to selecting the best domain name and TLD for your ecommerce website and how to secure and renew it when needed

Amazon logo on top of a pile of fruits and vegetables
Product Experience Marketplaces

How to Sell Food Products on Amazon Fresh

Read our full guide on how to sell your food products on Amazon Fresh and how enriching product information can improve customer experience and drive higher sales

Group of toys

Toy ecommerce: How to Create the Perfect Product Page

The ultimate guide to creating the perfect product page in toy ecommerce, as well as what to include and how to optimize and automate your processes with PIM

Illustration of a person using a giant calculator

The Key to Optimizing your Marketing Budget

We outline the steps you can take and tools you can utilize in order to optimize your marketing budget and provide a higher ROI from your department

Illustration of a person on a giant laptop

How to Prepare an Online Product Presentation

Everything you need to know about preparing and delivering a quality online product presentation, complete with enriched, accurate data through PIM software

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