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Luis Ruiz

Luis Ruiz

Sell on Facebook

Selling on Facebook: Made Easy

The ultimate guide to selling your products on Facebook Marketplace and Shops, with insight into how a PIM can save you time and money in your ecommerce

What is enhanced content
Ecommerce marketing

How to Promote your Brand Using Enhanced Content

Find out how enhancing your product content through a PIM system can aid your business in promoting its brand and consistency across your multi-channel marketing

How to sell on AliExpress

How to Sell on AliExpress Marketplace

Our guide to listing products and selling your catalogs on AliExpress, with insight into how to enhance the visibility and quality of your product data

Sales Layer PIM Amazon connector

Amazon Connector: Why Every Marketplace Seller Should Have One

Learn how an Amazon Connector saves you time and money by allowing you to effortlessly transfer large catalogs of products and how Sales Layer's PIM offers this

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