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What is incremental lift?

The modern business landscape is dominated by data. When it comes to optimizing your product page performance, typical metrics (such as return on ad spend (ROAS)) don’t always provide you with the complete picture. Incremental lift tests can provide you with a clear view of what effect a specific marketing initiative has had on your performance.

Incremental lift uses A/B testing to provide evidence of the return on investment from your marketing efforts. It can be used to attribute revenue to a specific marketing campaign.

This provides more value than other measures which may only suggest a correlation. Incremental lift makes product page optimization simple and quantifiable.

How to measure incremental lift

There are three steps to implementing an incremental lift test:

  • Preparation: Identify an audience, then split them into A and B test groups.
  • Intervention: Expose each group to a different variable
  • Measurement: Analyze the performance of each group to determine the impact of the variable and whether it created an incremental lift.

You can calculate incremental lift using these conversion rate (CVR) formulas: 

Lift = Test CVR- Control CVR / Control CVR


Incrementality = Test CVR - Control CVR / Test CVR

How PIM can help you optimize your product pages

Companies are always on the lookout for better data that can give them an edge on their competitors. Incremental lift is a useful measurement tool to optimize your product pages. Incorporating A/B testing allows you to gain a clear view of the variables that are really impacting your conversion rates.

You can use these results to improve and optimize your product pages with PIM. Centralize even your most complex product information and control thousands of SKUs instantly with live updates across all sales channels. Our PIM platform can identify any data gaps or errors, allowing you to provide a more complete and accurate product profile across all your product pages.

Incrementality tests can reveal the true impact of your marketing campaigns and help you better determine where your ROI is coming from. Combine incremental lift and PIM to optimize your sales conversions and succeed on the digital shelf.

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