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Catalog Management

How to Create + Optimize a Product Database for your Store

The ultimate guide to creating and maintaining the perfect product database through PIM and forming a centralized hub for all of your data

Bag with several cosmetics products
Ecommerce marketing

Checklist for the Cosmetics Industry and Retail

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to improve the shopping experience of your customers through enriched product information across all channels

Who is who gameboard with some people faces

What is PunchOut Technology and How It Helps Managing Suppliers

Find out what PunchOut technology means, how it can be used within B2B ecommerce and the advantages of providing this platform to buyers

Ecommerce trends
Ecommerce marketing

ecommerce Trends for 2022

We take a look at the latest trends in ecommerce and the ways PIM enables you to take advantage of these via enhanced product data and streamlined processes

Best marketplaces

The Best Marketplaces for ecommerce in 2022

See our top selections of the marketplaces your business should be selling products on in 2022 and how you can connect to them with Sales Layer PIM

Illustration of a person looking at an online sunglasses product card

Sales 2022: Prepare Your Product Pages on Amazon in a Few Steps

How to centralize and automate your product data to ensure your pages are set up for an improved UX and to drive conversions on Amazon Marketplace

Strongman holding weighs above his head
Ecommerce marketing

11 Challenges for ecommerce in 2022

We identify the biggest challenges facing retailers and manufacturers in ecommerce in 2022 and how to overcome these with improved product information management

Illustration of a smiling Earth globe
Omnichannel strategy

Countries with the Most Opportunities for Online Sales in 2022

Discover the countries you should be targeting in your international ecommerce strategy with our helpful guide to sales opportunities around the globe

Illustration of person with very long arms and legs
Ecommerce marketing

What is Thin Content and How it Hurts your ecommerce

Find out just how damaging thin content can be to your ecommerce strategy, and how you can overcome this challenge by enriching product content through a PIM

B2B ecommerce trends
B2B Digital Shelf

Trends in B2B Online Sales for 2022

Find out the latest trends in B2B online sales and how to take advantage of these to drive sales as a manufacturer or supplier

Superhero Flash running with a shopping bag
Ecommerce marketing

What are Flash Sales in ecommerce?

Find out what flash sales are, the advantages and disadvantages they pose, and how to utilize them for success on your website and other channels

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