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Bruno Lyard

Bruno Lyard

Sales Layer at SAP Spend Connect Live 2023
News B2B

Millions in Sales and Savings with Sales Layer Connect: ACCIONA success story

Discover ACCIONA's success story and how they saved millions in eProcurement and their suppliers boosted their sales with Sales Layer Connect.

Illustration of a fully charged battery

A Guide on How to Win in the Digital Shelf in 2022

Discover how to distinguish your brand from your competitors and emerge as the main power in your B2B or B2C industry by winning the digital shelf

Innovadis logo

The Advantages of Being a Sales Layer Partner: The Innovadis Story

Learn how Sales Layer and Innovadis have helped manufacturers and wholesalers to keep up with the changing tide of digitization and grow their businesses

A cyborg with robotic and human parts

How to Face Digital Transformation in your Business

Learn how to embrace digital transformation and how the right product tools and methods can empower your business to increase sales and provide a better UX

Illustration of a person propulsed by a rocket on their back
Catalog Management

How to Create Faster Catalogs and Reduce Product Launch Times

Discover how to reduce the time and resource load on your product team with a PIM system such as Sales Layer. Save time and money on your product management

Sales Layer and Elogic partnership

Sales Layer and Elogic Announce a New Partnership

Our partnership with Elogic allows both partners to combine expertise and knowledge in helping B2C and B2B organizations enhance their ecommerce performance

Webinar with Forrester and Sales Layer

What Is a Modern PIM? Exclusive Webinar with Forrester

Watch our exclusive webinar with analysts Forrester on what a modern product information management system is and how your business can benefit from implementing one

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