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Catalog Management

How to Create + Optimize a Product Database for your Store

The ultimate guide to creating and maintaining the perfect product database through PIM and forming a centralized hub for all of your data

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Ecommerce marketing

Real Time Fashion: an Express Way to Sell Fashion

Our guide to real time fashion, how to build a sales model to suit the trend and how to update product catalogs in real time with a PIM system

A person running with a cloud kite

What is Cloud PIM Software?

The ultimate guide to cloud-based product information management system, how it differs from on-premise PIM and how Sales Layer can help your business

Frans Bonhomme logo
Catalog Management

How to Manage Orders from Large Buyers with a PIM: Frans Bonhomme

Our case study with Frans Bonhomme details how PIM enabled them to manage 50,000 products and more than 100,000 customers in real-time, with zero delays

Person shooping via contacless with their smartphone
Ecommerce marketing

The Best Payment Systems for ecommerce

Browse our selection of the best payment systems for ecommerce businesses to accept across their marketplaces

Top Software G2 badge

Sales Layer is one of G2's Top 50 Best Commerce Products for 2022

We are proud to feature on G2's list of the Top 50 Best Commerce Products, with a PIM designed to centralize, enhance and automate product data for B2B and B2C brands

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Product Experience

What is Product Experience Management?

Why Product Experience Management is the key process to boost your sales.

Pensive painter in front of a dummy with paint stained clothes
Ecommerce marketing

Can Colors Influence Your ecommerce Sales?

Find out how colors impact an online store and the role that color psychology plays in web design and for ecommerce customers

Basketball player throwing a box into a shopping cart
Product Experience

Product Management in ecommerce: Why is It Different?

Learn the importance of product management in ecommerce and how you can automate your processes to provide quality information, save time and optimize for search

A hand holding several icons
Product Experience

What is a Product Management software?

Learn the benefits of a PCM and how to implement it.

Illustration of a person riding a rocket
Ecommerce marketing

7 Key Sales Strategies for Retailers in 2022

We've compiled a list of the top 7 sales strategies for retailers in 2022 as well as the challenges facing ecommerce and how to overcome them

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