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How to start your marketing strategy for online marketplaces and boost your sales

One might say that there are as many types of marketplaces as retailers, but just an elite of marketplaces truly matters and have some things in common that you can check to boost your marketplace sales. Marketplaces for products, for services, ...

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Product Experience: The best way to boost your sales

If a stallholder wants to attract customers at a street food in Saigon or Bangkok, their best alternative is to shout out. Nowadays many companies still seem to rely on this strategy, trying to raise their voice over their competitors and ...

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What is Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

Nowadays, no e-commerce strategy with high hopes can be satisfied with a single sales channel. Except for loner sellers, the Amazon platform is just a part of the multichannel experience for retailers and distributors. Everybody is in Amazon: even ...

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What is Product Experience Manager?

Have you recently come across the title of "Product Experience Manager"? No, you aren't being fooled by your eyes or those hundreds of hours surfing the Internet: the term is real, although its definition might not seem something entirely new. Do ...

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Amazon Seller Fulfillment: All you need to know

Selling on Amazon is a very attractive opportunity for any type of business — not only for white brands that offer low quality products at silly prices. Searching on Amazon has become a typical attitude of any buyer when it comes to looking for ...

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Tips for Catalog Management in distributed database

You might have a distributed database and you didn't know it: this happens when you have more than one database, but different parts of your company data are stored in different physical locations (computers, departments, buildings or even ...

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How to make the best online product catalog ever

You have reached the most important stage of your experience as a retailer or product distributor. There is no point in designing the best products imaginable and taking care of even the smallest detail in their composition if they do not have the ...

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Forget about Excel! Update your catalogs with automation

As you know, adding a new product to your catalog can be a tiresome business. It involves the naming of the product, a new reference, new specification and pricing that needs to be added to that large spreadsheet, or Excel database. Then you need to ...

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7 Benefits of Catalog Automation

Catalog automation is an indispensable process for the modern e-commerce sales or distribution company, as the volume of products and competition are higher than ever before. And they continue to grow day by day, especially in the B2B sector. ...

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Best software catalog for eCommerce platforms

Today B2C and B2B companies have more opportunities for exponential growth than ever. Obstacles and risks increase at the same pace as turnover, as every e-commerce company can testify. More platforms, more channels, more interconnections, more ...

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