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Catalog Management

How to Create + Optimize a Product Database for your Store

The ultimate guide to creating and maintaining the perfect product database through PIM and forming a centralized hub for all of your data

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B2B Digital Shelf

How Can You Use Digital Shelf Analytics?

Our guide to using analytics to review your performance on the digital shelf and enhance the attractiveness of your product catalogs

Illustration of the word PIM connecting to Magento's logo

How to Integrate a PIM system with Magento

Discover how to integrate your PIM system with Magento and how to upload, optimize and automate your product catalogs with your platform

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B2B Digital Shelf

A Guide on How to Win in the Digital Shelf in 2022

Discover how to distinguish your brand from your competitors and emerge as the main power in your B2B or B2C industry by winning the digital shelf

Illustration of a person sitting on a cloud and another sitting on the ground

Cloud-Based DAM vs On-Premise DAM? Which is Better?

Learn the differences between a cloud-based DAM and an on-premise DAM as well as the advantages and drawbacks that each tool can provide your business

Illustration of a product page connecting to Shopify

How to Integrate a PIM System with Shopify

Our guide on how to integrate your product information management system with your Shopify online store and how to enhance your data and boost sales

Illustration of two shelves with digital file icons
B2B Digital Shelf

What is the Digital Shelf?

Learn more about the digital shelf, what it means, the challenges it poses to manufacturers and retailers and how automation can help you emerge as the winner

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Ecommerce marketing

The Importance of WPO for ecommerce Websites

Find out just how significant Web Performance Optimization is for ecommerce websites and how to analyse your site, identify issues and apply new strategies

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Ecommerce marketing

What is Lead Scoring and How It Can Help You Boost Sales

Apply lead scoring to your existing and new customers, and discover the advantages of this technique in optimizing your conversion rate

Illustration of four curved blue and green arrows
Ecommerce marketing

Guide to Product Experience Management (2022)

We identify the key areas of product experience management, the best tools available and why PXM is the future of commerce for both B2B and B2C businesses

Illustration of a long paper scroll
Ecommerce marketing

What is Largest Contentful Paint and How to Optimize It on Your Website

Read our guide to Large Contentful Paint (LCP), how to analyze yours and the best practices for optimizing this critical asset

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