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Miguel Giner

Miguel Giner

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Ecommerce marketing

What’s the Best GDPR Module for Your ecommerce Site?

With new GDPR regulations in place, it's important to determine which module is most suitable and effective for your ecommerce website to ensure compliance

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Product Experience

How to Improve the Consumer Electronics Shopping Experience with Better Catalogs

Discover how enriching the information within your electronics product catalogs can improve the shopping experience for your consumers and result in fewer returns

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Ecommerce marketing

The Silent Customer: How to Detect Them with Effective Techniques

Read our tips and guidance on how to identify, target and win back the silent customer to your ecommerce website through your marketing

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Product Experience

How Decision-Making Works in the Buying Process

We investigate the factors that lead to a purchasing decision for consumers and how to optimize your product data to better inform that decision

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Ecommerce marketing

Email Marketing Segmentation: Strategies to Reach More Customers

How to tailor your email marketing campaigns to specific customer groups for a more targeted strategy that reaches more customers and drives more engagement

Ecommerce marketing

How to Mine the Hidden Gold in Analytics for ecommerce

Guide on how to utilize Analytics to refine your buyer personas, better inform business decisions and improve customer targeting within ecommerce

What is conversational commerce
Ecommerce marketing

Why Conversational Commerce is the Future of ecommerce

Find out what conversational commerce is, its role within the current landscape and how your business can utilize this strategy to reach your goals

How to improve customer support

How Product Information Can Improve Customer Support

Discover how enriching your product data across your channels can provide a higher level of customer support, and ultimately an improved customer experience

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