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Catalog automation is an indispensable process for the modern e-commerce sales or distribution company, as the volume of products and competition are higher than ever before. And they continue to grow day by day, especially in the B2B sector.

Maintaining order throughout the entire chain of receipt, creation, cataloguing and distribution of product content is critical for customers to have a good shopping experience that translates into increased traffic and better sales conversion. The visible begins with the invisible: to offer the perfect product catalog, you first have to equip yourself with the most suitable service catalog software.

Catalog automation is made up of a software tool that automates the tasks that could previously only be done manually... and that still many companies have tangled up in a chaotic web of departments, systems and folders.

Collect the SKUs of 500 new seasonal products, assign updated logos to each brand, prepare the right images for Amazon product descriptions, change catalog prices for the French market... If you're not using a service catalog software, chances are more errors and delays are occurring than you think.

- Catalog Management tools that you should know -

The benefits of a service catalog software


Store product information and media assets in a single repository.


Create your ideal workflow and assign management and editing roles so that everyone knows what their roles are and ensure the overlapping of tasks does not reoccur.


Automatically detects omissions, anomalies and data failures, images and attributes, and easily corrects them with block editing functions.


Create clearer data sheets, complete and original product sheets, and digital and printed catalogs with your digital catalog maker software in record time, saving costs and personnel, thanks to plugins that make possible InDesign catalog automation.


Resolves format and information divergences between different sources and across all distribution and sales channels, including the information that is being send to your digital catalog maker software.


Decide what is sent to each channel and ensure that all data is consistent across each platform, using easy connectors or APIs.


Save time and costs in time to market that you can invest in new business strategies, expand your geographic network by managing catalogs tailored to each market and update the information by country with the degree of personalization you want.

- And now, check out 5 CMS catalog systems that will make your job easier -

Have you decided to relieve your headaches by incorporating a service catalog software in your company? Whether you have it very clear or if you still have any questions, at Sales Layer we help you providing you with a free demo so that you can test the excellence of catalog automation for B2C and B2B: Product Information Management.


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