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Macarena Muñoz

Macarena Muñoz

Product Marketing strategy
Ecommerce Marketing Product Experience Omnichannel

How to Create a Successful Product Marketing Strategy

Discover the most essential aspects of a successful product marketing strategy and how PIM software can support you to succeed.

Ecommerce Marketing Product Experience Marketplaces

Guide to Improving Your Product Positioning

Product positioning is everything on marketplaces and other selling platforms. Discover how to use PIM to ensure your marketing plan is delivered clearly

Ecommerce development tips
Ecommerce Marketing

5 Challenges in ecommerce Development

We outline the most significant challenges facing ecommerce businesses and offer our guidance on how to overcome these obstacles

Data Management best practices
Catalog Management

The 10 Best Master Data Management Practices

Find out what the 10 best practices are for master data management (MDM) and how to put these in place within your ecommerce business

Marketing content syndication
Ecommerce Marketing

9 Reasons Why Content Syndication is Key for Your Marketing

Discover the importance of content syndication how it boosts brand awareness, increases customer engagement and delivers a superior product experience

What is data lifecycle management
Ecommerce Marketing

Data Lifecycle Management: What you Should Know

The ultimate guide to data lifecycle management (DLM) and the benefits it offers B2C and B2B companies within the ecommerce landscape

How to choose ecommerce platform

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your ecommerce Platform

Discover which factors to are important when selecting an ecommerce platform, and how a PIM can centralize and sync your product catalogs across all platforms

Cross channel marketing

Cross Channel Marketing vs Multichannel Marketing

We evaluate the differences between a cross channel or multi-channel marketing strategy and the opportunities they provide B2B and B2C businesses


The Future of PDM Systems is Called PIM

Discover how a product information management tool provides superior benefits to a limited product data management system and how you can drive sales through PIM

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