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Macarena Muñoz

Macarena Muñoz

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The best Product Information Management (PIM) solutions

Find the best PIM software for managing your product information.

Ecommerce development tips
Ecommerce marketing

5 challenges in ecommerce development

Find out the key points to take care when developing an e-commerce

Data Management best practices
Catalog Management

The 10 best Master Data Management practices

Find out in our post the best Master Data Management practices

Marketing content syndication
Ecommerce marketing

9 reasons why content syndication is key for your marketing

Content syndication: Attract more traffic and reach segmented audiences.

What is data lifecycle management
Ecommerce marketing

Data lifecycle management: What you should know

Discover the software that will help you to undertake daily company decisions.

Tips for information management in SMEs

Information Management in SMEs: An old past issue

Information management in SMEs has never been so easy with a PIM

Tips to improve product positioning
Ecommerce marketing

5 ways of improving product positioning in your marketing plan

Improve your product positioning and get higher sales.

Ecommerce product page optimization
Ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce product page optimization: Catnip to product managers

Product Manager, make the most of your product page with these tips.

How to choose ecommerce platform

6 criteria to consider before choosing your ecommerce platform

Before choosing your e-commerce platform, consider these 6 criteria

How to update products on Amazon

How to update my products on Amazon Marketplace in real time

Increase your Amazon sales with a PIM tool.

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