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What is a SaaS PIM system?

A SaaS PIM is an online product information management tool, available on a subscription. This software-as-a-service tool is also known as an on-demand PIM and is often cloud-based

For retailers, manufacturers and suppliers, a SaaS PIM solution offers flexibility in implementing a product information management strategy. The tool allows brands to consolidate and automate all product data, with the ability to convert 1000s of product spreadsheets into 1 centralized hub. From here, you can analyze your data with a Quality Score, fix errors and optimize information, then synchronize your changes across all of your selling platforms and marketplaces, in real time. 

SaaS PIM software is known for its ease of use alongside a constant rate of updates and new features, without the need to invest in additional resources, hours or technical equipment. One of the major draws of SaaS PIM systems is the ability to adapt to the needs of companies with millions of product SKUs and complex information fields, without any hiccups.


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How does a SaaS PIM differ from other solutions?

The SaaS route offers an alternative to traditional on-premise software, which needs to be installed in all of the devices where it’s going to be used. SaaS software is therefore more convenient as it can be accessed anywhere, without the need to download or install it, 

SaaS PIM also differs from an open source PIM in that its code is closed and can’t be modified through client use. For this very reason, a SaaS PIM is a smoother and more comfortable tool to use as it doesn’t require you to have a background in technical IT. 

These platforms are easy to install and offer all of the maintenance, software updates and integration with other systems or channels that you may need. Rates also include onboarding and training, as well as continuous customer service and technical support, should you require any assistance.


Advantages of SaaS PIM software

  • More cost-effective.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • No need for complex installations.
  • Technical support included.
  • Storage space and scalable data volume management.
  • Access from anywhere in the world and any device.
  • Quicker onboarding of new users.
  • 100% personalized management of use permissions.
  • Data security through cloud storage.
  • Automatic data backup. 


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How to choose the best SaaS PIM

When it comes to choosing a SaaS PIM, there are several criteria to check to ensure the platform offers everything you need on-demand.

  • Cloud storage, as opposed to servers owned by the service provider.
  • A multi-tenant system.
  • Configurable functions.
  • API connections for quicker importing, exporting and integrating with other tools, platforms and marketplaces.
  • Quick onboarding and implementation.
  • Technical support and 24/7 helpdesk, in multiple languages.
  • Zero additional costs to the agreed rate for new functions and features.
  • Ability to scale plan with larger product data volume and more channels.
  • Guided demos and free trials to introduce tools before any plan is approved. 


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Sales Layer’s SaaS PIM solution provides a perfect option for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes seeking a product information management tool without looking to invest a lot of time, money and resources into its installation and maintenance. Our intuitive PIM helps you to free up product marketing teams to focus on other important tasks. 

Try our platform for free today, or book a meeting with one of our specialists to find out how our SaaS PIM can help you grow your business.


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