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Raquel González

The importance of PIM
Product Information

The key to your ecommerce strategy is called PIM

Why PIM is the most important tool for e-commerce businesses.

Marketplaces for online sales strategy
Sales Tips

7 marketplaces to consider in your online sales strategy

The best marketplaces for online sales and omnichannel strategy.

Binding startups

Binding startups at the service of ecommerce innovation

Binding start-ups to the service of e-commerce innovation

Premium ecommerce tool
Sales Tips

Do you work in the ecommerce environment? We suggest a Premium

The most powerful tool for ecommerce marketing teams.

PIM increase conversions
Product Information

How to create Product Information sheets that increase conversion

Design Product Information Sheets that increase conversion with our tips!

How to be a good marketing manager
Catalog Management

7 things that define a good marketing manager

Everything you need to know to become the best marketing manager!

Benefits of social media for ecommerce
Sales Tips

5 Benefits of taking your ecommerce strategy to social media

5 Benefits (and some harm) of taking your e-commerce strategy to social media

Visual marketing tips
Sales Tips

5 Visual marketing tips to impress your clients

5 Visual Marketing Tips to impress your clients

Features for online sales trust
Sales Tips

8 features that generate trust for online sales

8 features that generate trust for online sales

Sales Layer blog contents
Sales Tips

5 things in which Sales Layer Blog can help you

5 things in which Sales Layer Blog can help you

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