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When you are in the world of technology start-ups, there is always a constant preoccupation for making sure your business, product or service is unique and stands out in a crowded marketplace. Finding success is the ultimate dream, and although it’s difficult at times, it can be achieved.

In this battle there are many young technology companies, such as ourselves, Sales Layer, and sometimes, the challenges of everyday life prevent us from looking up and see what’s happening around us, events that we can assert in order to grow and find an easier way to success. That gap in the market that causes you to stand out even more, because there is nobody else on the market that does what you managed to do.


A few months ago, Sales Layer and ProRetoque were able to look up, know each other, and recognize and understand that if we were doing important things separately and the competition was limited now, with the union of our services, there would be no competition that can limit us. And from the humility that characterizes our two companies, we’re not afraid to say that thanks to the synergy created, we became the only ones that offer a similar service in this saturated market of e-commerce.

What is so special about we’ve created? What Sales Layer and ProRetoque aimed to do individually is to facilitate the management of product information.

Sales Layer is a PIM (Product Information Management) platform through which, with very few clicks, a company can organize all their sales channels, such as the paper catalogue, online store or the different marketplaces where they may have presence. What is managed? Everything fits into a product sheet, the name, description, different models, the stock price, language, images... And ProRetoque comes in the photography area.

The image is one of the most important aspects of an online sale. How many times have you encountered a tiny picture that you could not expand? Or a blurry, or pixelated image, or even images that weren’t even remotely related with the product on sale. It's something that occurs and it conveys very little professionalism in online sales management of these products. And more often than we realize, that image is the cause of the distance between a safe purchase and a customer who decides not to buy because he simply does not see it clearly.

ProRetoque created a platform through which an online store sends the photographs in need of a retouch, and within 24 hours you have them back, perfectly detailed with the precise touches so that featured product looks fit for accomplishing the goal: the sale.

Almost from the beginning there was an undeniable spark between Sales Layer and ProRetoque, because we saw that our services were compatible and that a synergy was the most suitable. So now, Sales Layer customers can opt for retouching their images through our product platform and ProRetoque customers can manage all sales channels from a single site and with a few simple clicks.

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