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Iban Borràs

Iban Borràs

Founder & CTO at Sales Layer

Two people interacting with virtual and augmented reality
Ecommerce Marketing

Infographic: 7 Technology Trends that will Shape Consumer Electronics

See our infographic of the 7 trends set to shape consumer electronics and how PIM can empower your business to take advantage of these new opportunities

Illustration of robot carrying a shopping basket
Ecommerce Marketing

How to Boost Sales with Artificial Intelligence

Find out how artificial intelligence within ecommerce can be an integral in improving the shopping experience of your customers and driving sales

A person recording a voice message in a smartphone
Ecommerce Marketing

How to Prepare your ecommerce Website for Voice Searches

As voice searches become more commonplace every day, here's how to ensure your website is prepared and optimized for this new wave of traffic

Illustration of several DIY tools

The Digitalization of the DIY Sector

Discover the factors driving the digitalization of the DIY sector,how the industry is changing as a result, and how you can stay ahead of the curve

Illustration of a robot carrying some packages

Robotics in Logistics: How Distribution is Changing

Find out how robotics are transforming distribution within the logistics industry and what this means for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the coming years

Illustration of a person riding a bike with a basket full of vegetables
Ecommerce Marketing

The Great Opportunity of Local ecommerce

Discover the advantages that local ecommerce presents and how to capitalize on these opportunities through product information management

Illustration of a clothes rack and a mannequin

The Application of PIM for Fashion Businesses

How to utilize a PIM solution within the fashion industry to enhance your product data and improve your visibility and performance across all selling points

Illustration of two robotic arms working on a car

New Challenges and Strategies in the Automobile Industry

We discuss the challenges facing retailers, suppliers and manufacturers within the automobile industry and how to overcome these through PIM

Illustration of a person exiting a smartphone screen
Integrations Marketplaces

Guide to Facebook Shops and the Differences from Marketplace

We expain the differences between Facebook Shops and Facebook Marketplace, as well as how you can optimize your product data to drive sales on this platform with PIM

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