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Iban Borràs

Iban Borràs

Founder & CTO at Sales Layer

Two people interacting with virtual and augmented reality
Ecommerce marketing

Infographic: 7 Technology Trends that will Shape Consumer Electronics

The technologies that will influence the consumer electronics shopping and product experience.

Illustration of robot carrying a shopping basket
Ecommerce marketing

5 Keys to Boost Sales with Artificial Intelligence

The uses of artificial intelligence in ecommerce: how it will help retail and shoppers.

A person recording a voice message in a smartphone
Ecommerce marketing

How to Prepare your eCommerce Website for Voice Searches

Optimize your content for online shoppers performing voice searches.

Illustration of several DIY tools
B2B Digital Shelf

The Digitalization of the DIY Sector

The challenges for the DIY industry: reliable product content and strong logistics.

Illustration of a robot carrying some packages
B2B Digital Shelf

Robotics in Logistics: How Distribution is Changing

Discover artificial intelligence technology for logistics and product shipments.

Illustration of a person riding a bike with a basket full of vegetables
Ecommerce marketing

The Great Opportunity of Local Ecommerce

Reasons why SMEs should develop a digital strategy.

Illustration of a clothes rack and a mannequin

PIM is in fashion

Why PIM is the leading technology in fashion catalog management.

Illustration of two robotic arms working on a car
B2B Digital Shelf

New Challenges and Strategies in the Automobile Industry

Automobile industry needs to go digital to meet new demands.

Illustration of a person exiting a smartphone screen

What is Facebook Shops? The ‘New Kid on the Block’ of digital commerce

How Facebook Shops works for sellers and social commerce strategies.

Illustration of a store with alert signs
B2B Digital Shelf

Manufacturers and retailers with no digital presence risk losing millions in revenue

The consequences of not having a digital catalogue or ecommerce during the COVID-19 crisis.

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