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A company with almost 50,000 products and more than 100,000 customers, among them important organizations like ACCIONA, cannot allow for any margin of error in their daily catalog and order management. However, Frans Bonhomme was suffering severely from them.

Before using a PIM system, Frans Bonhomme’s team was only using their ERP to register product information and manage incoming orders from all types of customers, among them large organizations like ACCIONA.

The day that internal connection failed and they took several days to solve it (with the halt in orders and losses that this entailed), they knew that they needed a solution better suited to new times and to their needs as a supplier to important companies.


Frans Bonhomme case study


How to handle large customers orders in real time, with zero errors

Frans Bonhomme, a company originally from France, with more than 40 years in the building materials sector, provides for all types of customers, from small installers to public construction projects. In this industry, precision is twice as important: in the accuracy that is expected of the product data, and in the need to respond to orders as soon as possible to avoid delays that would affect project deadlines.

Through ACCIONA they learned about the Sales Layer Connect system: a PIM that would allow them to radically change their way of working as providers for ACCIONA. And, since then, also in all of the Frans Bonhomme physical and digital sales channels.

"Integration with Sales Layer was spectacular and in record time. In a matter of hours, we managed to create a catalog and connect it to ACCIONA"

Daniel Marín, IT Manager at Frans Bonhomme

Faster, more flexible and more effective catalog management with Sales Layer's PIM

Since they have been using the Sales Layer PIM, the working method in the Frans Bonhomme team is much faster, reliable and effective.

Before using the PIM, the customers had to send their orders and these could take days to be processed, or they were duplicated on accident between different departments. Now, through the PIM, the purchasing department puts the product data into the ERP, and with that, Sales Layer automatically generates catalogs.

In a matter of hours they managed to create a catalog, connect it to ACCIONA and keep the products updated and receive orders in real time. They haven’t had any new incident or problem since they started using the Sales Layer PIM.

Now, all of the Frans Bonhomme product data is centralized in the PIM, and can be used to generate personalized catalogs for customers like ACCIONA, where they can see the product characteristics, prices and updated stock at all times.

  • Orders processed in 24 hours instead of 3 days.
  • Catalogs created in days instead of months.
  • Sales and incoming order processes unified into one channel.
  • Product data updated in real time.
  • Catalogs tailored to the needs of each customer.
"Sales Layer allows us to give personalized service to each customer, with a catalog customized according to what they need."

Marta Ayala, Sales Administration at Frans Bonhomme

Do you want to discover more spectacular information since Frans Bonhomme starting using the Sales Layer PIM? Download the PDF here, completely free, or watch the following video, where two professionals explain it themselves:



If you’re interested in knowing more about all that a PIM can do for you, whether you only manage your own catalog or if you work as a provider for many customers and large corporations, we will help you.

Request a personal consultation with one of our PIM specialists here with no obligation, or start trying the PIM for free here.


Frans Bonhomme case study

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