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Jorge Romero

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Sales Tips Product Information

Sales Layer news that will make your everyday life easier

New features in Sales Layer's PIM for this season.

How to do ecommerce photographs
Sales Tips

Product photos in eccommerce: all you need to know to become a PRO

Tips from a Pro to get the best product photos for e-commerce.

Payment methods for online shop
Sales Tips

What payment methods can you use in your online shop?

The payment methods that can't be missing in e-commerce.

How to use Excel with PIM

We launched a new version with Excel mode included

Sales Layer's PIM now with Excel mode!

How to prepare a new season for ecommerce
Sales Tips

5 tips for preparing a new season for ecommerce

5 Tips for Preparing a New Season on an ecommerce

Examples of Growth Hacking
Sales Tips

5 Examples of Growth Hacking that were a Big Success

5 Examples of Growth Hacking that were a Big Success

Spain ecommerce facts

Facts about ecommerce in Spain

Facts about e-commerce in Spain

Tips for ecommerce marketing director
Sales Tips

Useful tips for the Marketing Director of an ecommerce company

Discover how to become the best e-commerce Marketing leader!

Growth Hacking techniques for ecommerce
Sales Tips

5 Growth Hacking concept techniques for ecommerce

5 Growth Hacking Concept Techniques for ecommerce.

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