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Sales Layer earns a spot on the Best Software Awards G2 2024 for commerce products. This proves our commitment, as embedded in our vision, to delivering the best support to those who depend on us to achieve their strategic goals. 

Miguel Giner, VP of Customer Success, says, “Sales Layer serves as a core platform for our clients, handling crucial aspects such as product information management and its distribution across various channels. In this strategic landscape, the presence of a dedicated customer-focused team that not only guides our clients but also anticipates challenges and ensures successful implementation is essential. It is here that our clients recognize the unique value we provide.”

G2's Chief Product Officer, Sara Rossio, stated: “As the world’s largest software marketplace, G2 attracts more than 90 million buyers to our site each year – more than any other B2B marketplace – reaching those from companies of all sizes, in all industries. Based on their authentic feedback, we’re proud to announce the 2024 Best Software Award winners. Congratulations to the less than 1% of vendors listed on G2 who made one of our 30+ lists this year, achieving recognition driven by verified data rooted in the source that truly matters — authentic customer voice.” 

Here is a short list of the over 200 reviews from verified Sales Layer users:

"Centralized product management from multiple websites" Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Switching to Sales Layer allow us to centralize the products update process and greatly simplify work times, the flexibility to work and bulk upload the products update sheet, automation and optimization of the process and making our content team to be more productive and at the same time offering our customers the availability of new products in less time.

"My First Experience With A Pim: Easy To Use" Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Sales Layer allows us to generate and export reports from our product catalog according to commercial need. Likewise, it offers the ease of being able to adapt and personalize with specific fields in product families and create labels for better use of the information. 

"With Sales Layer, we have managed to centralize all the information about our products" Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

The ease of use, it’s easy to add fields or options in dropdowns as well as load information from a large number of products at the same time by copying and pasting from Excel files, for example. It has numerous channels to export and import information in an agile and simple way.

"Powerful and malleable management tool for product information" Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

The ease of being able to feed information about a product from different sources. The dynamism to manage the information and the practicality to expose the product to different platforms. Add that they have excellent technical support.

About Sales Layer:
Sales Layer is a global-leading Product Information Management platform that helps companies to automate complex B2B processes and connect their products to any enterprise sales platform or tool within or outside the organization across the entire supply chain.

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