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After having carefully studied what is a PIM system (remember: the acronym for Product Information Manager), it is still easy to confuse it with other resources, especially if it is the first time that your marketing team is going to use a PIM software.

Demo of sales layer PIM

How does Product Content Management differ from other information and data resources used daily in an online business? To avoid confusing them, we will compare ERP vs. PIM but we will also review the functions of the different product information resources that are used in eCommerce.

A PIM is not an ERP

So you must know very well that a PIM system is not a company’s ERP (the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning). They say we are what we eat, but while the PIM system feeds from the ERP, it does not swallow it completely. The ERP organizes all the central management of the company and is connected to all other services and processes within the company, including the PIM system.The ERP is the heart of the company and the PIM system is the force that pumps the information in the right directions.

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A PIM is not an Inventory Manager

The Inventory Manager is behind the PIM system and is responsible for the warehouse materials, supplies and catalogue funds. The Inventory Manager will send updated information about the stock of products and the status of orders and stores, but the manager’s task is purely physical, while the PIM system works in the cloud.

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A PIM is not a CRM

Also, a PIM system is not a CRM (acronym for Customer Relationship Management). This section is responsible for customer management, which is a step that is not among the tasks of a PIM system. Your PIM system will help customers to have a pleasant journey through the catalogue information and it will surely influence their experience and their decision to make a purchase. But the PIM system will never deal with the customer directly, as that is another difficult task that deserves its own service, which is the CRM.

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A PIM is not a DFM

Finally, the brother of a PIM system is the Data Feed Manager, which is an extension responsible for disseminating the company’s catalogue on various platforms and purchase engines in addition to the maintenance of e-marketing campaigns. The PIM system provides information for the DFM, which synchronizes the product information, the orders, the sales and the stock in different marketplaces. For example, suppose you are a publisher of children's books - by using a DFM, you will make sure that your titles are properly displayed on Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble or Google Shopping.

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PIM for Beginners

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