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What are the 16 Tips a Perfect Product Site must have?

We have done a research from Sales Layer to know the most important characteristics a perfect product site must have

Spatially situating ourselves and analyzing our most direct setting no one can deny that the distance between technology and reality is less and less and this is one of the main points we’ve taken into account.

All the time we’ve been emerged on this sector we’ve asked ourselves a constant question. What is the differential element for a person to decide to pay up to 20 times more the cost of a product similar to other when purchasing something online? If the purchasing experience when a client pays up on a physical store is potentially different from when they do it on a vertical business, focusing on fashion, for example, shouldn’t the online experience be differential as well?

#1.Image Quality

With the product photography we present a product to advertise and, in the case of ecommerce, for your clients to purchase. The importance of a perfect looking product is an obligation of the online store. Even if you have to pay to hire a professional photographer, it’s essential so you can get the return of the investment.

The image must show the characteristics of the product clearly and must be well lit and realistic. In addition to it, they must be of great quality so the client can perceive all the characteristics.


#2.Multiple Images

If the client is going to pay, it’s important they can perceive all the characteristics from different angles and positions.

#3.Product-User Interaction

Your clients need to understand perfectly how the product works, how it would benefit them and feel identify with it. For it, it’s necessary that someone is using the product, interacting with it. We’re talking about technology, fashion or food. The “design for people” must be present at all times.

#4.Using the product in experience

Besides the product-user interaction the space where the use of the product is done is important. You must understand the product as a global experience. We are going to set this point in a context with an example. A luxurious bag brand offers a series of star products. Each of the products it offers is for different moments of the day. One of the designed bags, we’ll call it “Nightlove” is created for one of those parties, where every woman scans the others analyzing if the “look” they’ve chosen is appropriate for the occasion. When offering the bag on their site, the one we’ve called “Nightlove”, we will have to set it in context and photograph it in one of those parties, showing that story hidden behind the product and offer it to the client along with that image of a woman with a defined lifestyle for whom we have designed it.

#5.360º view of the product

You’re offering a product to the client and must show all the features of it. A 360º view, yes, we’re talking especially about the fashion sector, it’s interesting the products site offers us a global vision of the product.

#6.Video of the product

You have a goal: the sale. We’re facing a generation: the mobile. Everything is mobile, nothing limits us and everything we see generates that “digital native” movement we carry on the inside. I can’t help but mention the word, a “millennial” generation.

I tell you the previous paragraph to place you or give you a reason. Now I come with the facts, YouTube is the second search engine after Google. The future of the web can only be audiovisual. It interests you to add a video on the product site to tell the features that differentiate your product from the competition’s, to tell a story related to the product, civilize the manufacturing process or simply a video in which is being used, like in the party when we talked about the “using the product on a experience.”

What you tell in the video of the product must be interesting but it’s your decision what to tell and how to tell it. The making of an audiovisual will increase the quality of your product site and will give value to the experience the user has with your product.

#7.Clear description of the product

The description must be clear and concise and clearly exemplifying the differential characteristics of the product. Highlight the characteristics that set the different from your competitors. Do you offer a sustainable product? The how and why must be clear!



The price must be seen clearly. If you can offer the shipping costs in the product price the client might take the decision to buy sooner.

Do you want to know the 8 tips left to complete the 16? Leave your email and contact on the comments section so our marketing team could send you a file with the rest of the images and information. We, and only we, will see your contact. We always want the best for your business in Sales Layer

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