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Sales and marketing tips

Sales and Marketing Tips

Google Shopping vs. Amazon and Alibaba: differences and opportunities

Comparison between Google Shopping, Amazon and Alibaba marketplaces.

Sales and Marketing Tips

The office is the new supermarket: Online shopping habits

A lot of workers shop online from the office: discover their new shopping habits.

Sales and Marketing Tips

The secrets to make products shine (or rot) on Google Shopping

Improve your online sales and positioning with a PIM for Google Shopping.

Sales and Marketing Tips

How web hosting directly impacts the success of online stores

The key points why web hosting is vital for your site and online sales.

Sales and Marketing Tips

Cross channel marketing vs. Multichannel marketing: All you need to know

Cross or multichannel marketing strategy? Find out the best one for your brand!

Sales and Marketing Tips

Retailers wear Artificial Intelligence: Visual Search and the future of the shopping experience

The future of e-commerce is visual: learn about the new tech behind it.