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Product experience

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Product Experience

How Product Management Differs in ecommerce

Learn the importance of product management in ecommerce and how you can automate your processes to provide quality information, save time and optimize for search

Product Experience

IDC Summit 2022: Enhancing Customer Advocacy through Product Enrichment

Learn how to enhance the quality of your product data to boost customer experience. Watch the full presentation at IDC European Retail Summit from Andre Pons

Illustration of a supermarket checkout with products
Product Experience

Guide to Improving Your ecommerce Shopping Experience

Find out how to optimize the experience of your B2C or B2B buyers across your selling platforms through data enrichment

Reduce ecommerce carbon emissions
B2B Digital Shelf Product Experience

Happier Customers + Fewer Returns = Reduced Carbon Output

Whether your business is a manufacturer or retailer, implementing a PIM (product information management) system can help you reduce your carbon emissions

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Product Experience

What is Product Experience Management?

Why Product Experience Management is the key process to boost your sales.

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Product Experience

What is a Product Management software?

Learn the benefits of a PCM and how to implement it.

Baby products shopping experience
Product Experience

How to Deliver the Perfect Shopping Experience for Baby Products

Advice on how to optimize your ecommerce site and product information management to provide a superior shopping experience for your customers

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Product Experience

PIM vs PXM: What Are the Differences?

We explore the differences between product information management and product experience management, as well as how to utilize tools to improve both for your business

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Product Experience

5 Cosmetics Brands that Offer an Excellent Product Experience

We take a look at five cosmetic brands that provide their customers with an exceptional product experience and how you can achieve this with PIM

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