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How to improve customer support

How Product Information Can Improve Customer Support

Discover how enriching your product data across your channels can provide a higher level of customer support, and ultimately an improved customer experience


The Future of PDM Systems is Called PIM

Discover how a product information management tool provides superior benefits to a limited product data management system and how you can drive sales through PIM

Sales Layer anniversary

5 Years of Sales Layer and the Best Product Information Manager

We're celebrating 5 years of Sales Layer and providing a global-leading PIM to enable businesses to grow and achieve their goals

PIM Black Friday & Cyber Monday marketing strategy

Why a PIM System is Essential for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Find out the importance of product information management for Black Friday & Cyber Monday ecommerce and how a PIM tool can help to drive sales and save time

Why product information is key

Why Product Information is Key for your ecommerce Success

Discover the importance of product information and how a management strategy through PIM is essential for streamlining processes and boosting business

Online inventory management

How a PIM Can Help You with Your Online Inventory Management

We outline the numerous ways in which a PIM can assist with your online inventory management to improve your processes and increase your revenue

How to control product information in multinationals

5 Top softwares to guarantee product information control in multinationals

The best 5 software systems for product information in multinational companies.

How to implement a PIM

Best practices for implementing a Product Information Management

10 best practices for implementing a Product Information Management system.

IKEA sales secrets and strategies

How IKEA Doubled its Sales with Product Information Management

We take a look at IKEA and how they managed to double sales through updating their sales channels with enhanced product data of a high quality

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