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Illustration of two location marks on a map

How to Update Physical Shops Information in Real Time with a PIM

PIM technology integrates offline and online channels and enables point-of-sale management.

Non-stop dogwear case study

Getting Ready an International Strategy with PIM: The Story of Non-stop dogwear

How Non-stop dogwear manages content and 800 points of sale with Sales Layer.

Two people untangling the word PIM made with cord

How to Know if Your Company Needs a PIM System: 5 Key Signs

How to know when it's the right time to get a PIM solution.

A person dumping files on a computer

How to Prepare your Product Information for Importing into a PIM System

Tips for organizing your product information step by step before uploading it to a PIM system.

Illustration of a clothes rack and a mannequin

PIM is in fashion

Why PIM is the leading technology in fashion catalog management.

Illustration of a scale with to software interfaces

ERP vs. PIM: Differences between systems

Why ERP and PIM system are different tools and how to know which one you need.

Illustration of an smiling prize cup

The best Product Information Management (PIM) solutions

Find the best PIM software for managing your product information.

Tips for information management in SMEs

Information Management in SMEs: An old past issue

Information management in SMEs has never been so easy with a PIM

How to improve product positioning

PIM tool: How to improve your product positioning

Improve your marketplace product positioning' and speed your sales.

How to improve customer support

How product information can improve customer support

Gain more loyal clients with a top notch and trained customer support team.

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