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Shopix logo on a blue background

Coordinating Stores, ecommerce and 8,000 PoS: The Shopix Story

Read our case study with Shopix and hear how they combined and streamlined their offline and online channels with the help of Sales Layer's PIM

IDC logo

IDC Q&A: The Impact of PIM on Sales Conversion

Watch the video from our latest PIM Experience Virtual Summit and our Q&A with Jordan Jewell, IDC on 'Product Experience, AI & PIM'

Two databases face to face

PIM vs MDM: What Are the Differences?

Learn the distinctions between product information management and master data management systems as well as how both can be utilized within your business

Group of toys

Toy ecommerce: How to Create the Perfect Product Page

The ultimate guide to creating the perfect product page in toy ecommerce, as well as what to include and how to optimize and automate your processes with PIM

Powerslide case study with Sales Layer PIM

Powerslide Success Story: Flexibility, Sustainability and Faster Business with PIM

Read our case study with Powerslide and hear how they were able to save time and focus on the quality of their product information by using Sales Layer's PIM

Illustration of two location marks on a map

How to Update Physical Shops Information in Real Time with a PIM

Find out how a product information management system can update and optimize your physical shops information in real time for a better customer experience and higher sales

Non-stop dogwear case study

Case Study: The Story of Non-Stop Dogwear

Read our case study with Non-Stop Dogwear and learn how they saved time and hassle by creating a single and reliable database for our product information

Two people untangling the word PIM made with cord

How to Know if Your Company Needs a PIM System: 5 Key Signs

We discuss the types of companies that can benefit from a PIM system, a well as the key signs that indicate your product information management needs automating

Illustration of a clothes rack and a mannequin

The Application of PIM for Fashion Businesses

How to utilize a PIM solution within the fashion industry to enhance your product data and improve your visibility and performance across all selling points

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