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A person running with a cloud kite

What is Cloud PIM Software?

The ultimate guide to cloud-based product information management system, how it differs from on-premise PIM and how Sales Layer can help your business

Sales Layer PIM Experience Podcast episode 02

Episode 2: How to Avoid PIM Implementation Going Badly

This episode sees Andre Pons, specialist in Revenue Operations, talk to Carsten Krohn of US agency Sitation about how to avoid any mistakes when implementing a PIM

Illustration of a green gameboard

Centralize Product Information Dispersed in Many Sources

We outline how to eliminate the confusion and potential errors that dispersed product information can present by centralizing your product data

Illustration of a red apple and a green apple

Differences between PIM and CMS Systems

Discover the key differences between a product information management tool and a content management system, with guidance on how to effectively combine use of both

Webinar with Forrester and Sales Layer

What Is a Modern PIM? Exclusive Webinar with Forrester

Watch our exclusive webinar with analysts Forrester on what a modern product information management system is and how your business can benefit from implementing one

Illustration of piggy bank with coins

How a PIM can improve your ROI

We look at the ways in which a product information management system can drive revenue and streamline processes to provide a huge return on investment

Shopix logo on a blue background

Coordinating Stores, ecommerce and 8,000 PoS: The Shopix Story

Read our case study with Shopix and hear how they combined and streamlined their offline and online channels with the help of Sales Layer's PIM

IDC logo

IDC Q&A: The Impact of PIM on Sales Conversion

Watch the video from our latest PIM Experience Virtual Summit and our Q&A with Jordan Jewell, IDC on 'Product Experience, AI & PIM'

Two databases face to face

PIM vs MDM: What Are the Differences?

Learn the distinctions between product information management and master data management systems as well as how both can be utilized within your business

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