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Illustration of a person exiting a smartphone screen

Guide to Facebook Shops and the Differences from Marketplace

We expain the differences between Facebook Shops and Facebook Marketplace, as well as how you can optimize your product data to drive sales on this platform with PIM

Illustration of a hand giving a package to a person with a big money bag

10 Tips for Selling on Marketplaces

Guidance on how to successfully list, market and sell your product catalogs on marketplaces with the help of Sales Layer's PIM

Common mistakes on marketplaces

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling on Marketplaces

Avoid the pitfalls that many businesses suffer with our guide to how to optimize and sell your products on marketplaces with PIM

Sell on Facebook

Selling on Facebook: Made Easy

The ultimate guide to selling your products on Facebook Marketplace and Shops, with insight into how a PIM can save you time and money in your ecommerce

Advantages of marketplaces

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Your Products Online

We evaluate the opportunities and challenges that ecommerce businesses face and how to ensure your product sales are reaching their potential

Best Europe marketplaces

The 10 Best Online Marketplaces for Selling in Europe

See our list of the top selling platforms to list your products and the advantages and disadvantages that each channel offers to sellers

How to sell on AliExpress

How to Sell on AliExpress Marketplace

Our guide to listing products and selling your catalogs on AliExpress, with insight into how to enhance the visibility and quality of your product data

How to sell on Google Shopping

The Beginner's Guide to Google Shopping

Discover all you need to know about selling your catalog of products on Google Shopping and how centralizing your product information with a PIM can help drive sales

Google vs Amazon vs Alibaba

Google, Amazon or Alibaba: What are the Differences?

Find out the differences between Google, Amazon and Alibaba and the opportunities and challenges these marketplaces present to B2B and B2C sellers

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