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Ecommerce marketing

Illustration of a panel with lots of notes
Ecommerce marketing

The Ecommerce Business Model Canvas: What you Should Know

How to design your ecommerce business model canvas with examples.

Illustration of a hand clicking on a photo camera
Ecommerce marketing

Improve the Sales Experience with 360º Product Photos

How to create 360º photographies for product catalogs and ecommerce sites.

Illustration of a shopping cart among plants
Ecommerce marketing

Tricks and Resources to Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

How to reduce shopping cart abandonment and recover lost clients in your online shop.

Illustration of a person opening a glossary book
Ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce glossary that all brands should know

Every ecommerce term you should know before starting your digital strategy.

Illustration of a person zipping their mouth
Ecommerce marketing

The Silent Customer: How to Detect them with Effective Techniques

How to identify your silent customers and apply strategies to get them back.

Illustration of a living room at Christmas
Ecommerce marketing

The Best Christmas Trends for your Ecommerce

Plan your campaign for Christmas 2020 with these tips and trends.

Illustration of a person using a giant calculator
Ecommerce marketing

Keys to Optimizing your Marketing Budget

How to create your marketing budget with models and examples.

Illustration of a hand holding a smartphone with a Likes notification
Ecommerce marketing

How to Use Instagram Stories to Increase your Online Sales

Tips for promoting your brand and sell your products via Instagram Stories.

Illustration of a floating person with some Like icons above them
Ecommerce marketing

Key Tasks of a Community Manager for Successful Brand Communication

Everything a community manager must know and do for a brand strategy.

Illustration of a person on a giant laptop
Ecommerce marketing

How to Prepare an Online Product Presentation

Create amazing online presentations for live streamings and product launches.

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