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Ecommerce marketing

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Ecommerce marketing

11 Challenges for ecommerce in 2022

We identify the biggest challenges facing retailers and manufacturers in ecommerce in 2022 and how to overcome these with improved product information management

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Ecommerce marketing

What are Flash Sales in ecommerce?

Find out what flash sales are, the advantages and disadvantages they pose, and how to utilize them for success on your website and other channels

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Ecommerce marketing

Gamification in ecommerce: How to Implement it Effectively

Learn how to successfully implement gamification on your ecommerce site to increase user engagement, provide a superior experience and reduce bounce rate

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Ecommerce marketing

How to Implement a Product Content Management System

Our step-by-step guide on how to successfully implement a PCM system, incorporate it with a PIM, and how to drive sales as a result

Two people interacting with virtual and augmented reality
Ecommerce marketing

Infographic: 7 Technology Trends that will Shape Consumer Electronics

See our infographic of the 7 trends set to shape consumer electronics and how PIM can empower your business to take advantage of these new opportunities

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Ecommerce marketing

What is an Open Source Product Content Management (PCM) System?

Discover what an open source Product Content Management system is, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing one for your data management processes

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Ecommerce marketing

What is Shoppertainment, the New Shopping Trend in Europe?

Everything you need to know about Shoppertainment, its consumers and the adjustments you can make to your ecommerce strategy to target this new audience

Andre Pons from Sales Layer eCommerce Webinar
Ecommerce marketing

Challenges for ecommerce in 2022 - Exclusive Sales Layer Webinar

Watch our webinar recording of the challenges facing ecommerce businesses in 2022 and how to overcome and improve your digital shelf position through PIM

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Ecommerce marketing

Is After-Sales Service Important in ecommerce?

Read our guide on the importance of after-sales service in ecommerce and the strategies your business can put in place to provide a superior customer experience

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