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Ecommerce marketing

Illustration of an Instagram notification with a person talking in it
Ecommerce marketing

How to Advertise your Business with Instagram Ads

Learn how to make the most of Instagram ads to increase your brand visibility and enagement and drive more traffic to your selling platforms

Illustration of a smiling cup on a running machine
Ecommerce marketing

How to Define Your Company's Product Market Fit

Knowing a product's market fit is paramount to commanding a strong digital shelf presence. Find out how to determine yours and how to deliver this in your ecommerce strategy

Illustration of a pair of hands holding a box with a recycling symbol and a plant on it
Ecommerce marketing

Sustainability in ecommerce: 5 Ideas for your Business

Our top tips on how to make your ecommerce business more environmentally sustainable in your marketing, sales and operations processes

Clothes on an invisible persone skating
Ecommerce marketing

Real Time Fashion: an Express Way to Sell Fashion

Our guide to real time fashion, how to build a sales model to suit the trend and how to update product catalogs in real time with a PIM system

Person shooping via contacless with their smartphone
Ecommerce marketing

The Best Payment Systems for ecommerce

Browse our selection of the best payment systems for ecommerce businesses to accept across their marketplaces

Pensive painter in front of a dummy with paint stained clothes
Ecommerce marketing

Can Colors Influence Your ecommerce Sales?

Find out how colors impact an online store and the role that color psychology plays in web design and for ecommerce customers

Illustration of a person riding a rocket
Ecommerce marketing

7 Key Sales Strategies for Retailers in 2022

We've compiled a list of the top 7 sales strategies for retailers in 2022 as well as the challenges facing ecommerce and how to overcome them

Bag with several cosmetics products
Ecommerce marketing

Checklist for the Cosmetics Industry and Retail

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to improve the shopping experience of your customers through enriched product information across all channels

Ecommerce trends
Ecommerce marketing

ecommerce Trends for 2022

We take a look at the latest trends in ecommerce and the ways PIM enables you to take advantage of these via enhanced product data and streamlined processes

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