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B2b digital shelf

Illustration of a medical case
B2B Digital Shelf

The Challenges of Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

We look at the problems facing the pharmaceutical industry and how to overcome the challenge of digital transformation through product information management

Illustration of a flower blooming from a laptop
B2B Digital Shelf

The Post-Coronavirus Digital Transformation by Industry

A look at how different industries are being affected by the digital transformation brought about by Covid-19 and the opportunities that have been created

Illustration of a box full of groceries
B2B Digital Shelf

Grocery Sales: Digital Transformation Challenges for Manufacturers and Retailers

We assess the challenge of digital transformation within the grocery industry and how manufacturers and retailers can embrace the new opportunities

What is distribution policy
B2B Digital Shelf

What is a Distribution Policy? How to Build One for your Business

Guide to building the best distribution policy for your business and how to implement is for success across your operations and for your customers

Vendors and distribution network
B2B Digital Shelf

Vendors, Suppliers, Distribution: How to Build a Business Through Your Network

Guidance on how to build a business network that emits a strong presence and consistency across all of your teams and touchpoints

Distribution channels strategy
B2B Digital Shelf

Distribution Channels: How to Ensure the Success of your Products

Optimize your distribution channels and processes with our helpful guide on how PIM can deliver success for your product marketing and sales

Challenges for the lighting industry
B2B Digital Shelf

How Smart Lighting are Powering Sales Success with Product Workflows

Discover how smart lighting companies are utilizing a PIM system and product workflows to improve their processes and drive more revenue despite a turbulent market

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