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B2b digital shelf

B2B ecommerce trends
B2B Digital Shelf

Trends in B2B Online Sales for 2022

Find out the latest trends in B2B online sales and how to take advantage of these to drive sales as a manufacturer or supplier

A cyborg with robotic and human parts
B2B Digital Shelf

How to Face Digital Transformation in your Business

Learn how to embrace digital transformation and how the right product tools and methods can empower your business to increase sales and provide a better UX

Man holding a shining lightbulb with his hand
B2B Digital Shelf

What is Business Intelligence for ecommerce?

Find out everything you need to know about business intelligence and how to apply it in ecommerce, with PIM and other tools available to assist in this

Person talking on the screen of a laptop
B2B Digital Shelf

IDC Insights: 5 Trends for Digital Commerce in 2021

Learn from global-leading analysts, IDC about the 5 major trends affecting world trade, the obstacles for manufacturers and retailers, and how PIM can assist you

Illustration of several DIY tools
B2B Digital Shelf

The Digitalization of the DIY Sector

Discover the factors driving the digitalization of the DIY sector,how the industry is changing as a result, and how you can stay ahead of the curve

Illustration of two people looking at a screen with some graphs
B2B Digital Shelf

Benchmarking Guide for Businesses

Our full guide to benchmarking, market research and the key metrics to establish in order to grow and increase sales within the ecommerce landscape

Illustration of a robot carrying some packages
B2B Digital Shelf

Robotics in Logistics: How Distribution is Changing

Find out how robotics are transforming distribution within the logistics industry and what this means for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the coming years

Illustration of two robotic arms working on a car
B2B Digital Shelf

New Challenges and Strategies in the Automobile Industry

We discuss the challenges facing retailers, suppliers and manufacturers within the automobile industry and how to overcome these through PIM

Illustration of a store with alert signs
B2B Digital Shelf

How a Lack of Digital Presence Can Lose Millions in Revenue

We discuss the importance of a digital presence for manufacturers and retailers and how to estalish and optimize yours through product information management

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