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B2b digital shelf

B2B Digital Shelf

How to Implement Process Automation Within Your B2B Company

Discover how PIM technology can automate your processes and enable you to improve your efficiency, data quality, and ROI.

B2B Digital Shelf

Ensure a Single Source of Truth Across Your Product Supply Chain

Discover the benefits of implementing a centralized source of truth across your entire product supply chain and how PIM can optimize your workflow.

B2B Digital Shelf

Optimize Your Logistics Information Management with PIM

Discover how to increase the logistical efficiency of your supply chain and get your products to market quicker with Sales Layer's PIM platform for B2B

B2B Digital Shelf

Localize Product Data for International Buyers

Overseas expansion is fundamental for B2B growth, but without localizing your product data for buyers, you could struggle to stand out on the Digital Shelf

Reduce ecommerce carbon emissions
B2B Digital Shelf Product Experience

Happier Customers + Fewer Returns = Reduced Carbon Output

Whether your business is a manufacturer or retailer, implementing a PIM (product information management) system can help you reduce your carbon emissions

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B2B Digital Shelf

How Can You Use Digital Shelf Analytics?

Our guide to using analytics to review your performance on the digital shelf and enhance the attractiveness of your product catalogs

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B2B Digital Shelf

A Guide on How to Win in the Digital Shelf in 2022

Discover how to distinguish your brand from your competitors and emerge as the main power in your B2B or B2C industry by winning the digital shelf

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B2B Digital Shelf

What is the Digital Shelf?

Learn more about the digital shelf, what it means, the challenges it poses to manufacturers and retailers and how automation can help you emerge as the winner

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B2B Digital Shelf

What is a D2C (Direct to consumer) Sales Model?

Learn how a direct to consumer sales model works, why many brands are switching to one, and the advantages of adopting one yourself

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