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B2b digital shelf

Illustration of a fully charged battery
B2B Digital Shelf

The 4 best techniques to improve your digital shelf performance

The digital shelf management practices online retailers and brands must master.

Illustration of two shelves with digital file icons
B2B Digital Shelf

What is the Digital Shelf?

Tips to work the digital shelf of your business and improve your online strategy.

Illustration of a factory with a smiling face
B2B Digital Shelf

What is D2C (Direct to consumer) sales model?

What is the direct to consumer sales model and its advantages for B2B and B2C.

B2B ecommerce trends
B2B Digital Shelf

Trends in B2B online sales for 2022

The trending strategies for B2B commerce.

A cyborg with robotic and human parts
B2B Digital Shelf

How to face digital transformation in your business

All the steps and tools you should consider to digitize your company.

Person thinking about some ecommerce icons
B2B Digital Shelf

Types of eCommerce Business Models: Which is the Right One for My Business?

Types of ecommerce business models that better suit your company.

Ecommerce coronavirus
B2B Digital Shelf

Good Practices for your Business in Times of Online Demand Spikes

Why digital transformation is key for businesses and selling products.

Man holding a shining lightbulb with his hand
B2B Digital Shelf

What is Business Intelligence for eCommerce?

What is business intelligence and how to use it in your online store.

Person talking on the screen of a laptop
B2B Digital Shelf

IDC Insights: 5 Trends for Digital Commerce in 2021

Challenges and strategies for brands and retail in 2021, according to the analyst IDC.

Illustration of several DIY tools
B2B Digital Shelf

The Digitalization of the DIY Sector

The challenges for the DIY industry: reliable product content and strong logistics.

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