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Catalog Management

How to Create + Optimize a Product Database for your Store

The ultimate guide to creating and maintaining the perfect product database through PIM and forming a centralized hub for all of your data

Sales Layer PIM Experience Podcast episode 02

Episode 2: How to Avoid PIM Implementation Going Badly

This episode sees Andre Pons, specialist in Revenue Operations, talk to Carsten Krohn of US agency Sitation about how to avoid any mistakes when implementing a PIM

A cyborg with robotic and human parts
B2B Digital Shelf

How to Face Digital Transformation in your Business

Learn how to embrace digital transformation and how the right product tools and methods can empower your business to increase sales and provide a better UX

Two interlocking red and green arrows

Why You Should Sync your CMS to a PIM Software

Find out why syncing your content management system to your product information management tool is essential in optimizing processes for your product and marketing teams

Pacman game with ecommerce symbols
Ecommerce marketing

Gamification in ecommerce: How to Implement it Effectively

Learn how to successfully implement gamification on your ecommerce site to increase user engagement, provide a superior experience and reduce bounce rate

Illustration of a green gameboard

Centralize Product Information Dispersed in Many Sources

We outline how to eliminate the confusion and potential errors that dispersed product information can present by centralizing your product data

Illustration of a person propulsed by a rocket on their back
Catalog Management

How to Create Faster Catalogs and Reduce Product Launch Times

Discover how to reduce the time and resource load on your product team with a PIM system such as Sales Layer. Save time and money on your product management

Sales Layer and Elogic partnership

Sales Layer and Elogic Announce a New Partnership

Our partnership with Elogic allows both partners to combine expertise and knowledge in helping B2C and B2B organizations enhance their ecommerce performance

Illustration of person watering a flower
Ecommerce marketing

How to Implement a Product Content Management System

Our step-by-step guide on how to successfully implement a PCM system, incorporate it with a PIM, and how to drive sales as a result

Illustration of a red apple and a green apple

Differences between PIM and CMS Systems

Discover the key differences between a product information management tool and a content management system, with guidance on how to effectively combine use of both

Two people interacting with virtual and augmented reality
Ecommerce marketing

Infographic: 7 Technology Trends that will Shape Consumer Electronics

See our infographic of the 7 trends set to shape consumer electronics and how PIM can empower your business to take advantage of these new opportunities

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