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Sales Layer Achieves a Record 17 Recognition Awards in G2's Winter Report

Sales Layer achieved a record 17 recognition awards in G2's Winter Report. Discover why and get started with your free trial of Sales Layer.

Benefits of social media for ecommerce
Ecommerce marketing

Why You Should Apply Your ecommerce Strategy to Social Media

We explain what the benefits are to applying a streamlined ecommerce strategy across your social media platforms and how to achieve them

Visual marketing tips
Ecommerce marketing

5 Visual Marketing Tips to Impress your Clients

Read our guide on how to improve the appeal of your products with visual marketing tips for both B2B and B2C businesses

Features for online sales trust
Ecommerce marketing

8 Features that Generate Trust for Online Sales

Learn how to improve the customer experience by delivering reliable, accurate product data with PIM. Drive sales and positive reviews with greater data transparency

Excel catalog manager
Catalog Management

5 Reasons Excel is a Bad Choice for Managing Product Catalogs

Find out how Excel spreadsheets can hamper business for manufacturers, retailers and suppliers and how a PIM system can provide a superior alternative

Paper vs digital catalog
Catalog Management

Paper vs Digital: Which is Better in ecommerce?

Learn the benefits of each format for your product catalogs and hear how PIM can play a part in helping you optimize both your printed and digital data

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