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Science fiction plays a fundamental role in the world’s evolution, inviting us to dream of a great things that make the world a better place.

We want to share with you 10 incredible things that actually came true in 2013:

    1. Eternal life is now closer. Google has founded Calico to investigate how to extend human life beyond 170 years.
    2. We reached interstellar travel. In July, the Voyager spacecraft left the solar system after 36 years of travel.
    3. Telepathy is here. Researchers have managed to wirelessly connect the brains of two mice. As you know mice and humans are cousins, so it’s not long until we’ll be able to communicate without speaking or writing!
    4. A third gender is recognized. If it’s unclear whether you are a male or a female, there's no need to make up your mind: in Germany you can ask to be recognized as a third gender "undetermined";.
    5. We already have an alternative to silicon chips. The first computer chip made of carbon has been invented, and best of all, it works!
    6. The existence of Big Brother has been proved. The body that sees everything, hears everything and knows everything already exists. It's name is NSA.
    7. In the UK the cyborgs are recognized. Neil Harbisson is the first owner of a passport in which his cyborg status is recognized.
    8. Paralyzed people could walk again with the first mind controlled exoskeleton.
    9. NASA and Google open their own quantum physics lab. Everybody loves quantum physics but nobody understands it!
    10. The drones deliver better than vans. It has been shown that, for the distribution of small items, a drone is faster, cleaner and more efficient than the white vans wrongly parked on our streets.

In 2013 these science fiction stories became reality. What can we expect from 2014?

Our 2014 fiction resolutions

We already have our own New Year resolutions:

  1. Automatically synchronize our customers’ catalogs in all their sales channels.
  2. Reduce by 90% the cost of managing product information.
  3. Provide analytics to predict consumer trends before they happen.

When we explained these to people, they saw them impossible, but after months of hard work, we are about to achieve them. It’s our science fiction resolution for 2014.


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