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Alma Muñoz

Alma Muñoz

Illustration of several pieces of furniture
Omnichannel strategy

How to Sell Furniture on Digital Channels

Everything you need to know about selling furniture on digital channels and how centralizing, enriching and syncing your product information can boost sales

A person picking a hanging ornament from a cloud

What Is a Cloud Digital Asset Management (DAM) System?

Discover the role and importance of a cloud digital asset management system and how you can utilize one to centralize your media assets and sync them across your channels

A question mark with arms and legs surrounded by files
Product Experience

PIM vs PXM: What Are the Differences?

We explore the differences between product information management and product experience management, as well as how to utilize tools to improve both for your business

Powerslide case study with Sales Layer PIM

Powerslide Success Story: Flexibility, Sustainability and Faster Business with PIM

Read our case study with Powerslide and hear how they were able to save time and focus on the quality of their product information by using Sales Layer's PIM

A person drawing a product code bar
Ecommerce marketing

Is it Important to Code Products in an Online Shop?

We evaluate the significance of coding products with alphabetic, numeric or alphanumeric codes when listing them via an online store

Non-stop dogwear case study

Case Study: The Story of Non-Stop Dogwear

Read our case study with Non-Stop Dogwear and learn how they saved time and hassle by creating a single and reliable database for our product information

A person observing the product sheet of a boot
Ecommerce marketing

How to Create Rich Snippets for ecommerce

Guide on how to format and enrich your product data to quality for additional promotion in a Featured Snippet on Google and other search engines

Illustration of a person with a magnifying glass on a dish
Ecommerce marketing

How to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization in Your Ecommerce

Why keyword cannibalization hurts your ecommerce and how to avoid it.

A person studying papers and graphs coming out of a machine

How Does Amazon Attribution Work?

We explain the role Amazon Attribution tags play in ecommerce and how you can utilize them to improve your analytics and understanding your customer behavior

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