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Alma Muñoz

Alma Muñoz

Management Tools

The best 7 online inventory management tools for your multichannel strategy

Choose the most suitable tool for your multichannel inventory management.

Product Information

How a PIM can help you with your online inventory management

PIM (Product Information Management) can be a great stock data support.

Sales Tips

How to make the most of your e-commerce inventory management

How to control your inventory and store, label and manage your products.

Management Tools

E-commerce inventory best practices that every marketer should know

The best practices to handle your inventory and get satisfied customers.

Sales Tips

5 shopping trends to include in your e-commerce marketing strategy

The most popular online shopping trends that take e-commerce into the future.

Sales Tips

How to drive traffic to your online store easily and quickly

The key ingredients to increase engagement and visits in ecommerce.

Sales Tips

E-commerce reviews: The key factors in consumer purchasing decisions

Begin to gain more and better reviews across all your channels with our tips.

Sales Tips

Website credibility checklist to ensure visitors trust you

3 golden rules to increase your ecommerce website credibility.

Sales Tips

Factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions

5 factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions.