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Alma Muñoz

Alma Muñoz

A person thinking next to a signing post

Differences between PIM & DAM Systems

Discover if you need a DAM, a PIM system... or both!

Illustration of a cart next to a construction site
Catalog Management

Guide for Perfect Building Materials Product Data

How to create a quality product experience for the digital age in the building materials sector.

Illustration of three people with fashion outfits
Ecommerce marketing

How to Optimize your Fashion Product Pages: Everything that You Should Include

Create original and complete fashion product sheets for your brand or online store.

A pile of packages with an electronic card on top
Ecommerce marketing

The Importance of Packaging for Product Sales and Customer Loyalty

The importance of packaging for your brand image and getting more customers online.

A person opening a box with some stars
Product Experience

Five Cosmetics Brands that Offer an Excellent Product Experience

Create a superior cosmetics shopping experience with excellent product content.

A person on a running machine
Ecommerce marketing

Changes in Sports Consumption: Opportunities for the Sector

How to deliver an excellent sports goods product experience in 2021.

Illustration of a panel with lots of notes
Ecommerce marketing

The Ecommerce Business Model Canvas: What you Should Know

How to design your ecommerce business model canvas with examples.

Illustration of two people looking at a screen with some graphs
B2B Digital Shelf

Benchmarking Guide for Businesses

Benchmarking analysis for every type of business and how to apply it.

Illustration of a shopping cart among plants
Ecommerce marketing

Tricks and Resources to Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

How to reduce shopping cart abandonment and recover lost clients in your online shop.

Illustration of a person opening a glossary book
Ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce glossary that all brands should know

Every ecommerce term you should know before starting your digital strategy.

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